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Anyone else NOT POAS and go in for blood draw?

I POAS when not doing medicated cycles like some kind of freak...But when it goes to the meds I just can't POAS.  I go for the draw.


Anyone with me?

Re: Anyone else NOT POAS and go in for blood draw?

  • Yep!  I gave up POAS a long time ago!
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  • Not me.  I would pee on a chair leg if it would give me the result I am after.
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  • Yeah, that is how I always did it until I was pregnant w/the twins.  That cycle the girls on the board convinced me to test early (which was negative), and than the Beta results were contaminated so I was going to get another Beta but figured it wasn't worth my time.  A week later the girls got me to POAS again and that is when we got our positive.

    (So are you going through treatments again?)

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  • I thought I maybe would this past cycle, but I can't help myself. I'm a compulsive POAS'er. I started at 9 dpo.
  • I didn't POAS with our 1st IVF.  The nurse told us not to and DH was very serious about our needing to follow her instructions exactly. He thought testing early would jinx it or something. It almost killed me but I honored his wishes and waited for the beta.  Will probably do the same with this FET - heck it worked the first time!
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