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First u/s - good and confusing news

The good news is that we saw a sac, yolk sac, fetal pole, and a heatbeat of approx 120 bpm.  It looks like I measure right around 6 weeks.

I had the u/s done at the hospital so they couldn't "say" anything without my Dr so I just watched carefully.  I notice dthe kept measuring something off to the left of the gestational sac.  Then a supervisor came in an repeated the u/s.  I asked her, "Do you know what that is you are measuring?" She said , "Yes, but I can't tell you what it is good or bad.  Your Dr will call you in the next day or so."

So, apparently there is something else in my uterus.  Not sure what to think or what it could be.  It just looked like a mass just about the same size as the gestational sac but def not as prominent and black (full of liquid) like the gestational sac.  Any idea what this could be?  Internet searches have turned up nothing, except possibly a fibroid tumor?  I really have no idea.

So, it is good news about the baby and HB.  Just hoping this other "thing" is not a threat to the pregnancy.  Please send good thoughts...


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Re: First u/s - good and confusing news

  • Definitely lots of good thoughts and well wishes!  Please keep us posted!
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  • Good vibes and prayers coming your way.  Keep us updated!
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  • It could be that there were twins, and one did not fully develop. Just my guess. Good luck!
  • My gues would be the same as firsttogo that it was a twin that did not develop.  Best wishes that you do not have to wait to long to hear from your Dr.
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  • First off CONGRATS to you!!!

    And I agree with the pp...It is prob. a second baby that didnt develope.

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  • That is odd... it could be a cyst, a twin possibly (mine are 2 days apart and B always looked smaller than A and took longer to have a HB), a non-viable twin... that is all I can come up with!

    But YEAH for the HB Smile  That is just the best news!!!!

     Let us know what your doc says...

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  • Thanks all. The DR called this AM. The mass was actually blood. She says this is very common in early ultrasounds and is likely implanation bleeding. It should be absorbed by my body but she ordered no exercise or sex until a follow up ultrasound in 2 weeks to make sure it is gone or there is significantly less. She said not to worry and this is seen in 50%+ of u/s this early. SO, I am taking her word for it. And, wil be happy at another peek at 8 weeks. I saw a HB at 6 weeks when I miscarried so seeing a HB later in the process would ease my mind. Thanks for the well wishes!

    Mom to Skylar Kayla and Beck Dylan


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