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Hey there FET buddy!

I have a few ??? for you. 

Do you know on how many you are transferring? We have 3 left...grades a,b,c.  We are planning to do only "a" the first time.  However there are a bunch of other different scenarios that could take place, and we may do 2.  I am very scared of twins because i went into preterm labor with DD.

DId you do a hysteroscopy for this?  I had polyps and had one done prior to the last IVF/FET.  I am doing the SHG, but my RE says he has a very low threshhold for doing hyster, and he thinks it is a good thing to have one before the transfer.  He said once they have compiled enough data they are going to try and compare the success rates between hyster/non hyster patients to see if it makes a difference.   It wasn't the worst procedure, but i hate the idea of being put under, so i wouldn't mind avoiding it.  But if he feels i should have it, i will without hesitation.


Re: ***shel91303***

  • Hi there!  We also have 3 embies.  I think they are all A's...Im not positive.  We are just planning on transfering one.  Although I wouldnt mind twins, my husband is petrified since we already have Cam.  So we will do just 1!

    I didnt have a hysteroscopy, Ive never even heard of it.  I had to look it up to see what it was.  I did have a hysterosonography, which is basically a saline infuseds ultrasound of the uterus.  I dont have any uterus or tube problems.  I have PCOS.




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