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ucsd hillcrest nicu OB recommendation

hi ladies, i am 28w1d w/twin girls - in hosp for the second time with preterm labor, and trying to hang on to these babies as long as possible.  my OB is at scripps mercy (where i am now) and there is a good possibility i will be sent to ucsd in hillcrest b/c they have a good level 3 nicu, as well as L&D dept.  however my OB doesn't have privileges at ucsd.  so i am a little anxious about that on top of everything else.  any one have any recs on ob's at ucsd, and neonatologists?

thank you!!!


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Re: ucsd hillcrest nicu OB recommendation

  • I don't have any recs I just wanted to wish you and your babies lots of health! Hope it all turns out well.
    my little powder puff
  • Hi Jan,

    I'm a birth doula here in San Diego and I've helped a few moms over at UCSD. Almost all of them have been with midwives, however. I can ask the doula coordinator, however, if you'd like. She would definately know who to recommend. I really like the staff there. I'm sorry you're having preterm labor :(. I'm a twin who was born 2.5 months early, and my sister and I were monitered closely and ended up being healthy happy babies.

    Sarah Burns


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  • I second Dr. Ramos! She is awesome!!!?
  • janjagjanjag member

    thanks for the suggestions ladies!  i actually did see dr ramos when in the hosp.  just one of the MANY docs i saw.  she WAS very nice!  great personality... jealous of those who find docs like that. 

    i didn't get to pick a doc though.  i've been assigned to dr. david schrimmer, a peri who specializes in multiples.  he will be my ob and hopefully be able to deliver my girls.  he's nice, and i'm just glad to belong to one doctor.

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