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Frustrated with RE's Office

I can't get the stupid nurse - or anyone - to call me back about my FET cycle!!!  I was supposed to start Lupron this week, but we were on hold because of the stupid UTI/kidney infection I got last week.  The RE wanted to wait for my b/w and urinalysis this week to make sure the infection was gone.  Fine.  But I'm on my last day of the BCP she prescribed and I don't know what I'm supposed to do from here!!  Does she want me to go ahead and take the sugar pills and have an "AF" and try again next month? Does she want to refill the BCP and have me keep taking the active pills until the lab results come back?  I did the lab stuff yesterday so hopefully we should know today.  I just need to know WTF to do about my FET cycle!!!  They ordered all my meds and they came Monday - so I'm all ready to go if they just tell me what to do!!

Sorry - that turned into a long vent, but I just want someone to freakin' call me back.  In the past they've always been so good about getting back to me right away - I just don't know why I'm suddenly getting ignored.  Grrrrr!!!!

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