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How are things going with the move and with Isabella?  I've been thinking about you. 
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Re: Michelle

  • You are so sweet to ask.


    Honestly, things have been rough.  If you can imagine....all my PIH issues, being thrown into the hospital and then having emergency C-section, Isabella in NICU for a week, being physically sick several times (stomach issues, fever) selling our old house during that time, moving in 10 days, stayin in a hotel for several nights and FINALLYmoving into our new house....I've been a "bit" overwhelmed....


    I am so not complaining about anything..it's just been a lot.  Add the pregnancy hormone thing on top of it and general baby blues....well...you can imagine how my mental stability has been.  I've actually talked to my midwives a couple of times about PPD...but they keep telling me that once things settle down, I will feel less overwhelmed and more normal about things...;o)


    The past 6 weeks seem like a whirlwind.  I cannot believe Isabella is 6 weeks old already.  


    BUT...I think I've turned the corner.  Everyone (family and such) are finally gone and we're on our own.  The house is wonderful and we have so much more room.  Thanks to the help of family and friends, we're unpacked for the most part.  Nothing is deocrated, but we're unpacked and functional.  There are still boxes in places, but it's not too much at this point. 

     I'm feeling more like I can do this...most days! LOL.  The whole fussiness phase we're in can get to me...but I know it's normal.  I am really already dreading having to go back to school for a whopping 9 days at the end of May.  I know that is going to be REALLY hard.


    So, now that I have room..I really want to join Bunco and such...so can you put me on that list?


    How is James?  How are you feeling? 


    We need to get these two together so they can meet and eventually fall in love and get married...LOL....



  • It's amazing how you survived all of that!  It's a lot to take on in such a short time.  But I'm glad that you can finally relax enjoy being a mommy. I will definately add you to the Bunco list.  I don't think we set the May bunco date yet. I'm planning on going to Mummy and Me classes at Destination Maternity starting next week.  Join me if you'd like.  :)
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  • I think I will try...do you have details?  I'm sure it will be good for both of us!! LOL.  Is anyone else going?
  • ---butting in----?

    The yoga is fun. I was going for a while but I work on Tuesdays.?

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  • It's on Tuesdays from 11:30-12:30 at Destination Mat
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  • what to wear?  what to bring??  details please....
  • comfy clothes and baby.  I may bring my sling if my arms get tired.  Also, many moms BF in class if they need to.
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