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I'm reclaiming our bedroom and kicking Elise OUT!!!

She slept in her PnP for almost 4 months... however, she hasn't slept in it in over a month. The transition to the crib was really easy. (I was keeping her in our room out of pure laziness... her room is upstairs and across the house. So keeping her in our room was much nicer for nighttime feedings)) So the PnP was being used to collect crap... and I still used the changing table on it. However, today it's all going upstairs! So I'll be making a lot more trips up there to change diapers etc... but the stairs will be good for me! I'm ready to get all her stuff out of our room.?

btw- the first night she slept in her crib was so niiice! I missed watching tv in bed, hehe.

OH and HUGE news!!! Elise slept 10 hours straight last night!!! Went down at 6:30 (her self imposed bedtime) and didn't wake until 4:30. Then went down for another 3 hrs until I woke her at 7:30. Woop- however, my boobs were about to explode!


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Re: I'm reclaiming our bedroom and kicking Elise OUT!!!

  • You go girl!!!  DH and I always talk about how we miss cuddling in bed at night.  :(   I can't wait for James to SSTN.
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  • Holy Cow...10 hours....wow!


    My DH has started to put Isabella in her own crib at the first sleep session of the night.  This was strongly suggested by my mother and aunt so we could get a little more sleep.  We are lucky b/c all of our bedrooms are upstairs in our new house.  She's footsteps away.  I don't think I'd do it if we were down and she was up!  Of course, I'm up like every 30 min to check on her! LOL.  When I get up to feed her, I swaddle her and then she comes to bed with me....I love her Snuggle Nest...did I tell you guys we got one of those?  It's sweet to have her right next to me when I wake up...sometimes I just stare and stare!


    LOL at the PNP collecting things.  We have one downstairs and one in our room.  They both collectively hold junk....LOL

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  • Woohoo!!!!!!! ? I totally know what you mean about the exploding boobs! ?It should go away in a couple of weeks. ?In the meantime, pump before YOU go to bed - it makes a huge difference in night time comfort.?

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