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Sort of bad feeling

I know, I am nuts. I have had NO morning sickness the last 2.5 days. I was having it consistently for the last two  weeks or so, and now nothing. I just do not have a good feeling, and I feel bad even saying that outloud. I have a Dr.s appointment tomorrow with the OB, and he will do an US, but I feel like I am enjoying my last day or so pregnant. . . I know it is a terrible thought, but I can't help it, and this is the only place I can verbalize this.

Re: Sort of bad feeling

  • Oh Hon, I am sorry you feel like this.  Everything is going to be just fine. 


    ((HUGS))  Let us know how the OB appt goes!!

  • It is hard not to be nervous after all we went through to get pregnant! But try not to worry, you have had so many good appointments already so you have no reason to think something should be wrong. It is totally normal for symptoms to come and go. My RE told me, "It is OK to feel good when you are pregnant! It doesn't mean that something is wrong." I know that made me feel a *little* better. Good luck at your appointment tomorrow!!
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  • Hang in there, everything will be just fine.  Let us know how the appointment goes!
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  • hang in there!  my dr. said the same thing to me as a pp said, "just because you feel good doesn't mean something's wrong".  keep your chin up.  can they get you in today for your ob appointment instead of tomorrow to put your mind at ease?
  • We all worry about these things, the main thing is you can't let your fears consume you.  Hang in there!!!!  I've got a good feeling for you Wink
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  • Don't think about that!!!  I haven't had any morning sickness since probably 7 weeks.  I've felt fantastic and that doesn't mean my little guy isn't doing great.

    Keep your head up!  You'll see your little baby moving around tomorrow!!!!!!

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  • Your ms is probably just going away or getting better, I hear it can come and go,too :) I'm sure it will be ok (hugs)
  • OMG, this is so strange because I am feeling the exact same way. Last night I pretty much convinced myself that I was miscarrying because I was having cramping. Now today, I don't feel morning sickness or anything. Oh I am hoping we are just being nervous and paranoid for nothing. I still have to wait 2 more weeks for my next u/s. I'm so nervous but I keep saying that as long as I don't see any blood, I am probably ok. After your u/s tomorrow, I'm sure you will be much more relaxed again.?
  • I know it is very hard, but try not to read into things too much.  I am sure your little one is just fine, swimming around in there.  Try not to worry (easier said than done, I know)  and keep us updated!!
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