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I think the clomid caught up to me - moody

I am so nasty today and I think it's the clomid. I really could just punch my DH for no reason. I treated myself to Cold Stone tonight and am trying to lay low.
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Re: I think the clomid caught up to me - moody

  • I'm sorry you're so moody. :(  I'm not even on clomid and I have those days, lol. Tomorrow will probably be better (hugs)
  • LOL!  Sounds like it Wink  Hope tomorrow is easier!!!!  I know for me it always was a day to day thing.
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  • Sounds about right. Stick out tongue  I was a whole different kind of animal on Clomid.  I would pick a fight with a chair leg if I thought it would fight back!  I don't like me on clomid and I am eternally grateful I never have to take it again!

    You are doing the right thing by laying low.  GL!  I hope this is the last time you ever have to take it.

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