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The news isn't quite as bad

I wrote the "Crushing News" post this weekend.  Well, after speaking to my personal doctor, I am not feeling quite as hopeless as I did before.  She seemed to think that my DHs SA was more of a case of Stage Fright, or Performance Anxiety than anything else.  Since we already have one child, she just has a "really hard time" believing that his results could be so terrible.  She of course said she doesn't know for sure, but doesn't think we should give up on this cycle.  So, I rushed to the clinic bright and early yesterday for an ultrasound.  I have one mature follie on each side.  So, they shot me in the rear, and we're back on for this cycle.  I'm certainly not feeling like everything is great.  But, I do feel a little better.  We'll see what happens this cycle, and go from there.   DH may test again, and even visit the Urologist.  I'm not holding my breath, but I'm trying to remail hopeful.

 Thanks for all the kind words.

Re: The news isn't quite as bad

  • That is reassuring news! And even if your dh has to go to a urologist that might provide more answers. That's great :)    (hugs)
  • This is good news!!!!!  I'll keep my fingers, crossed for you.  I think 2 follies maturing is a great sign Smile
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  • Glad to hear it. I agree! I mean, you've done it before, I don't see why you won't have a successful pregnancy again. Good luck!
  • See, your own doctor knows you best.  Stick with it.  I'm sure you'll come up with a great plan. 


  • That's definitely reassuring.  I'm glad that your doc was more positive -- I can't believe the last was jumping to such conclusions after a single sample (I think?).  I hope that your doc is right and it was just a fluke or an anxiety issue.
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  • What great news!  Glad you are feeling a little more at ease.  GL!  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
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  • Good luck!
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  • So glad you are feeling a bit better about everything.  GL with your 2 follies!!!
  • Any good news is great to hear! Good luck!!?
  • I am so glad you can continue!!!

    ::just brainstorming here:: 

    Was DH sick recently (fever)? or does he take any meds (i know certain meds for Chrohn's can cause sperm issues?).  Sometimes that can mess with sperm counts.  Any new injuries, surgeries?

    The crazy thing is that it supposedly take 3 months for the counts to regenerate if this is the hopefully not! 

    Well, i hope this was definitely a fluke! 

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