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No more nervous nellie for me

I had a super rough day yesterday, thinking I was going to lose the baby, mostly because my bloat was less. And I know, symptoms come and go, I just had "one of those days". I decided to back in to the RE for another beta and I have a good result. It's 1553 on 18 dpo (11 dpo 32, 13 dpo 88), so I'm feeling much more reassured. I will try to relax now and enjoy the pregnancy. I would grieve if anything bad happened anyway, so enjoying it now won't make that any less. Anyway, thanks for reading.

PS-I've had a few losses before so I thinik that's why I was so nervous.

Re: No more nervous nellie for me

  • I am glad your results came back so great!! And that is a great attitude to have! Good luck with everything! When is your first u/s?
  • I don't blame you one bit for being nervous, especially with your loss history!  I'm so glad that you got some reassuring news Smile
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  • Mr&MrsS- I have an u/s next Tuesday at 5w4d to check location.

    Then we'll schedule another one the following week to check for hb.

  • You should come post over on SAL- we have some mantras that are great to repeat when you get the nervous nellies! The best one though is, today you are pregnant and love your baby. Sounds like you've got that attitude! Glad to hear your beta's are still good! Are you going in for an early u/s at all?
  • No one can blame you for being nervous with your loss history. I know I will be when I get pg again even though nothing bad will probably happen, but you have a great attitude! That's great that your results came back so high!!
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