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Recommend Hospital to give birth - Mount Sinai or NYPresbyterian

Hi All,

 Please provide your insight, experiences and thoughts on which or another hopsital in NYC you would recommend. 




Re: Recommend Hospital to give birth - Mount Sinai or NYPresbyterian

  • I gave birth at Mt Sinai, experience was excellent.  If you do choose to give birth there, be aware that there is a floor that has not been renovated which means that the rooms are not as nice as the renovated ones.  My husband and I splurged on a private room but I would have been happy to share.  The hospital is very pro bf and will even call you to get your permission to feed the baby in the nursery via a cup if a feeding is required. 

     I was at the birth of my friends daughter at NY Presbyterian-Cornell 2 years ago and the delivery rooms were very very nice, much bigger than the ones at Mt Sinai.  I ultimately chose MT sinai because I love my ob's and several of my friends had given birth to preemies and the NICU unit was highly recommended.  My ob is dr amaru, brasner and blumberg, all women practice, very laid back as well.

    You wont go wrong with either one!  Good luck!

  • I noticed that you asked about OB's. 

    here are other recommended practices, Dr Adler's (m) practice affiliated with Mt sinai

    Dr Boester (f), affiliated with NY Pres-cornell

  • Thank you fungster for your detailed experience.  I really appreciate it. 

     I am hoping to get pregnant by the end of this year.  So I am trying to line everything up in terms of the right obgyn and affiliation with a good hospital. 

     Thanks again for your feedback!


  • I gave birth at NY Pres and loved it.  The birthing rooms are beautiful, the nurses were incredible and my recovery room was awesome. I had a private room that overlooked the east river.  My pregnancy also turned high risk while I was in delivery - I was in labor for 38 hours. I truly believe that under any other hospital's care I would have ended up with a c-sec.  But my patient, skilled and exceptional doctors made sure that I had a healthy vaginal birth.  I can't say anything negative about the experience and I would never give birth anywhere else. I used the in-house doctors at NY Pres and I LOVED them.   GL!

  • Hi Katydid2007,

     Thank you for your thorough response - I really appreciate it.  I've been trying to find an OBGYN based on the hospital (NY Pres) and I was hoping if you didn't mind letting me know who your doctor was?  I'm so glad to hear your pregnancy was a success and especially that it was vaginal and you weren't pressured into  c-sec. 

     Your baby is adorable - congrats.  And thank you for sharing your story.



  • I just sent you a PM! 
  • I just gave birth at Mt. Sinai. My doctors and the entire delivery staff were amazing and I wouldn't change a thing regardless of what I'm about to say.

    The nurses who take care of you post delivery are useless and absolutely terrible! We even tried to bribe them with Magnolia cupcakes. I had some complications and they had no idea what to do. My aunt is a Dr. and she said that post pardum is where nurses go to die. We made several comments about them to our doctors and they said they were fully aware of the situation and asked us to write a letter to the hospital.

    If you are having a regular, non-high-risk pregnancy you probably won't even notice how bad they are, because everyone in delivery is so fabulous.  


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