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anyone with MTHFR?

lookin for locals with this diagnosis to discuss treatment, sucsess doctors etc!!

other genetic disorders welcome too

Re: anyone with MTHFR?

  • I have Factor V, which I think is very similar.  Factor V is when your blood clots too easily and you can get clots in umbilical cord which could cause miscarriage.  I had 3 miscarriages before they ran tests and found out that I had that problem.  Went to a new doctor for the 4th pregnancy.  He put me on Lovenox shots twice a day!  Not fun, but the result is amazing.  I now have a beautiful baby boy!

  • thanks, did you have to see a perinatologist, or did your ob monitor everything with the 4th one? and congrats on your lo!!
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  • Thanks.  I did see a specialist, just a few times.  He is the one that did the 20 week ultrasound.  Then he had me come back a couple of months later for another ultrasound.  Once he felt confident that everything was okay, he released me.  What a great day that was.  Oh, forgot to menion that I lost the 3rd baby at 16 weeks and the intestines were on the outside of the belly.  I think that is part of why he did another ultrasound.  Hope this helps!
  • thanks going for a consult with a peri on monday...
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