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Nursing Issues...help...adivce please

I know this isn't a breastfeeding board...but I'm hoping for some help with this one....


Isabella has started this odd thing.  She nurses for like 2 min and then gets incredibly upset and frustrated and pulls off screaming.  She settles down, nurses again for like 2 min...and the whole thing starts over.  


Now in the middle of the night...she nursed like an angel.  I also had to pump around midnight b/c she didn't eat well and I ended up giving her a bottle of expressed milk.  


Does anyone have theories on this?  I read about all kinds of things...overactive let down, not getting enough milk, nursing strikes in general.  Just wondering if any of you moms out there with kiddos a little older have any similar experiences?  ANY thoughts are appreicated....

Re: Nursing Issues...help...adivce please

  • I had similar problems with Josh. Mine was mostly due to overactive letdown which caused him to kinda freak out. I had to pull him off every 30 seconds or so for the first 3-4 minutes and that seemed to help. He also had this phase where he would just shake his head from side to side with his mouth wide open when he I was trying to get him latch. That was weird.

    The other thing that *might* be causing this is fluid in the ear or an ear infection. Whenever babies have problems with their ear the sucking action make their ears hear which could be causing this reaction from her.

    Does she use a binkie? If so, does she fuss when she's sucking on it?

    GL! Hopefully she'll be back to her old self soon.


  • Is it every day all the time, or just certain times? ?Since she is nursing well at night, the first thing I would try is nursing in a quiet dark room during the day and see if it helps to get rid of any distractions.Also, for awhile Sarah was a little fussy at the boob early on and I think she was a bit gassy from what I was eating. ?I was giving her mylicon and that seemed to help, but it has since gone away completely. ?I think it helped that I cut back on dairy. ?I was eating A LOT of cheese! =P?
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  • Oh Michelle!  I hope you get it figured out.  I know BFing can be very frustrating at times. I deal with BF issues too.......  :(
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