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Pregnant after 35

Nips like pencil erasers!

Seriously....I mean, I knew the girls were gonna change, but I look like I'm constantly cold!  Plus, since they're a little tender - having them stick out and rub against my bra doesn't help matters!

 And yet, DH doesn't see a problem


Re: Nips like pencil erasers!

  • " DH doesn't see a problem"

     Well, of course not!  Mine doesn't either.

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  • Mine does - because I won't let him grab them all the time. I swear to gawd it kills just to have him touch them, so now he "comes in fast" so he can cop a feel before I smack his hand away, which only makes things worse. I swear we have daily boob wars.

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  • Boob wars..hehehehe...
  • ha, I can't even get dressed in front of my dh anymore because he tells me everyday "those knockers are getting bigger and bigger everyday" and "oh my look how dark they are" I then aim at him with my boob and tell him I will drench him in breast milk and he runs for the hills.
  • I have to confess, I did squirt DH once on purpose when I was BF'ing DD. He kept coming in for a feel and I kept telling him they were engorged and hurt like a mo fo. So to prove it to him, I squeezed a little and got him. He left them alone after that. If only I were lactating now....
  • Wait until you BF (i you choose.)  They get porn star huge!  I kind of miss them now that I stopped BFing. Tongue Tied
  • Oh great - I'm already DD! ?I'm gonna end up with circus tits! Hubby can't wait...
  • That is so funny.  We are all in the same boat.  I'm just happy that I am finally filling my A cup!  Oh, yeah, DH has noticed as well! ;-)
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