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Is this normal?

Is it normal that I am feeling very anxious since finding out I'm pregnant?  It's my 1st pregnancy and I don't go to see my OB until May 7th (whom I've never met before).  I almost can't relax and enjoy our good news because I'm waiting for the confirmation from the dr's office and for all of the lab results to come back ok.  I know I should relax, but does anyone have any words of wisdom to keep my mind from thinking that something is going to go wrong??  We are waiting to tell our families once I go to the OB and get a green light, and not having their support right now is making it hard as well.  Last thing, does anyone remember having light cramping and twinges throughout the day, pretty frequently during the early weeks (5 weeks)??

Re: Is this normal?

  • yes, normal. ?My biggest "words of wisdom" is this: RELAX!!!!

    Really. ?The more wound up and high strung you are, the harder your pregnancy will be. ?Pregnancy is already very taxing both physically and mentally, and the more you can do to try and reduce stress, the better.

    You will have plenty of twinges, cramps, funny feelings, etc, etc. throughout pregnancy. ?Many of the ladies on this board will have a hard time remembering how it felt being 5 weeks pregnant (that seems SOOOOO long ago!). ?Even if you don't want to post there, I recommend lurking on the 1st trimester board. ?A lot of people have the very same questions and you will get a lot of info on what is normal or not just by reading those posts. ?I found that a lot more helpful than most of the books I have seen.?


  • Thank you :)  I have definitely lurked on the 1st trimester board and find what they have very interesting and addicticting.  However.... I don't dare post anything on that board, they can be flat out mean to each other!!!  I think I'm a little too sensitive here lately to get yelled at by a stranger :)
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  • LOL - I felt that way at first too, but after about a month of lurking I felt more comfortable posting since I had a better idea on what was acceptable on the board, etc. ?I know what you mean though!
  • Hey Happy!

    Of course you're anxious!  But try to relax.  Just take your vitamins, drink water, and enjoy sleeping while you still can :o)  

    You're going to see Dr. Womack, right?  You will love her.  She will be happy to answer all your questions no matter how silly they are.  I went in unexpectedly just last week (the day after my regular appointment) and she was great - reassured me and was very understanding. 

    You can drive yourself crazy thinking something is going to go wrong.  If you're like me, it won't go away, you'll just have different worries!  But read some books, watch some TV, and dream about nurseries.  You can't do anything better than take care of yourself at this point.


  • yes, it's normal to worry throughout pregancy!  Guess what, you even worry once your LO is born!! It will never end.....
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  • Like Kate said...the worry does not stop once the baby gets here.  I"m awful with worry since Isabella arrived!!  But it's so worth it.  Try to relax...I know, much easier said than done.  I was a big stress ball at the end of pregnancy due to PIH...but tried to keep it real and relax.  That is the best thing you can do for YOU and for baby!  Good Luck!
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