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How to write a thank you note for diapers only?

Some of my co-workers just gave me diapers which is great but I am having trouble writing the thank you note. Any suggestions?

Re: How to write a thank you note for diapers only?

  • Thank you so much for the gift of diapers! I know we will certainly put them to good use! We are so grateful that you thought of us during this exciting time.


    Or something of that nature is what I would go with. 

  • "thank you so much for your present, they will be very useful"

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  • I would just say something like "Thank you so much for the gift.  It was very thoughtful of you and I know the diapers will come in handy very soon!"
  • I'd make some kind of joke. Maybe go with something like, "Dear Co-workers, I really appreciate the shower you had for the baby and me. It means a lot to me that I work with such a great group of people. Thank you so much for the diapers! Unfortunately, I think they'll come in handy. You'll have to ask DH about that! After all, boys are in charge of gross things!"

    Something like that. At least the 'unfortunately' part. Maybe draw a little smiley face in there, too.

    It depends on the crowd. My co-workers would appreciate that kind of joke, but I know people in other depts that would not.

  • Thanks ladies. I know it seems so simple but I just felt like there was too much space left over on the notecard. Maybe I'll just write big. LOL
  • thank you for posting this. I was debating making the same post because that's the same card I'm stuck on....


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