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When to go to 2 naps or longer in between naps?

Sometimes DD's nap schedule varies and we don't have time for 3 naps a day or they would run too close to bed time.  She is sleeping now (second nap of the day), if she was to sleep till 4, we would put her down around 6 but that doesn't work because she goes to bed at 8.  Should I wake her around 3:30, so we can squeeze in a short nap late in the afternoon or let her sleep and skip the last nap?

That could result in her being up for like 4 hours though and idk if we should do that or not...

Also, when did you start letting you LO stay up longer between naps?  We still do the every 2 hours thing...


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Re: When to go to 2 naps or longer in between naps?

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    I don't have a good answer for you but DS is 2.5 mos and he can't even make it 2 hrs sometimes. There's no way we'd get to 4 unless he was screaming fighting sleep. Sometimes he needs to go down as quickly as 1/2 hour after he gets up and most of the time he starts showing signs of being tired after  about an hour then it takes us 15 - 30 mins to get to sleep.

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    I pretty much let dd determine her schedule. I can't really make her sleep or stay awake. Although, she does have herself on a good schedule so that works.
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    ditto pps...we cannot make ds stay awake and he sleeps alot...he sleeps at night but not as good but it is bc of gas....
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