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April 6 Check-in

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Yeah, it's a day late but let's check-in for the week!

Mom's - How's it going? Anything new from the little one's? I know there was a birthday girl yesterday. :o)

TTC - I always feel silly asking "how are things going". It feels like I'm asking how your sex life is! LOL! Sooo.....feel free to give us an update. Where are you in your cycle? Anything else to report?

Pregnant - How are you feeling? Any fun developements?

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Re: April 6 Check-in

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    I should be ovulating any day now. Unfortunately I haven't noticed much difference in my CM despite the cup a day of green tea.  I guess there's still time . . .

    I was just playing around with a due date calcuator online and discovered that if we conceive this cycle, I'd be due January 1, 2010.  I'm totally shooting for the first baby of the year! Haha. Or Jan. 2 is my sister's birthday.  She'd be thrilled if I had a baby on her birthday.  :-)

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    CD 4.  I vented in my blog about it.  Got it out of my system and moved on to having a 2010 baby. 
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    brody is doing awesome! he had learner to stick his toung out and do the ppppptttttt thing.. it is so funny to listen to. his new fav toy is a balloon we got at the pet expo. he plays with it all day. he is slowly trying to stand alone. it will be fun to see him walking. he will be a year in may! i cant believe it. it has gone so fast. i was talking to my friend tonight and i told her i cant remember most of the year! it makes me sad.... i have to figure out what to do for his party. i suck at planning...

    but i am more in love with the little man everyday. i see him looking at me when he thinks i am not looking, he just smiles and smiles and when he sees me looking at him he laughs and laughs than proceed to crawl to me and try to eat my face...  it is so funny.


     i am so amazed he was once that small!


    and now look at him!

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    LVilaLVila member
    I failed my 1 hour glucose test yesterday so now I have to go for the 3 hour on Monday :o( I only failed by 10 points. Hopefully I pass the 3 hour!
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    I failed my 1 hour glucose test yesterday so now I have to go for the 3 hour on Monday :o( I only failed by 10 points. Hopefully I pass the 3 hour!

    Oh man Lindsay!!!  The same thing happened to me on #3.  I passed the second test.  I hope the same goes for you!! G.L.


    We are still impatiently waiting for Baby J to cut a third tooth.  All of the symptoms, red cheeks, cranky baby, massive blowouts have been showing up on and off for the past few weeks but we've got nothing!!!   He is continuing to hone his crawling skills and pulling up skills.    He's picking up speed I tell ya!


    Pete is failing at potty training but it is our fault.  It was so easy when there was just one to potty train and a baby.  Now it seems like as soon as we think about going to sit on the potty something else happens that distracts us.  This is the story of our lives right now!


    Maria is going through a no-dinner eating spurt.  I hate when this happens but she'll eat when she's hungry I guess.  She doesn't get snacks before dinner so it's not that.  She may not like what we're having but I'm not going to start a special menu trend at our house to accommodate her.  We'll be picking out what dress she will be wearing for Easter in the next couple of days.


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    Hi Ladies!  We had our first OB appt yesterday!  Heard a very active 168bpm heartbeat!!  My husband was beyond thrilled!  My emotions have started to be a little bit more sensitive, but I'm hanging in there.  My morning sickness is still in full force, but I'm hoping that'll pass soon!  Hope everything this going good with all of you!!
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