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Kinda funny RE story

So I printed out all of my charts to take with me.  My other doc didn't even want me to chart, she thought it was a "waste of time".  Anyway, he was studying them very closely and impressed that I've been charting this entire time. 

He paused and said:  "What are sandpaper nip...oh, wait, nevermind."         

TOTALLY forgot it printed the key.  So now he knows how gassy I am, the quality of my CM, how often I have sex and that I have nips that feel like someone took sandpaper to them.

Whoops.  At least he was impressed with how descriptive I was. Embarrassed

Re: Kinda funny RE story

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    I was stalking your chart one day and thought "I guess they're feeling rough today." lol. 

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    LOL thats a good one.
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    LOL this is only the beginning of the embarrassment!! Last time I was at my RE for my mid-cycle scan his exact words were these:

    The left ovary has one decent follicle, but the right ovary is just, as the young people say, 'chillin'."!!! How funny is that! Imagine it coming from a 60 something man with an Indian accent!?

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    Great story! Hopefully your Dr. won't greet you next time with, "Come on in, Sandpaper Nips!"

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