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NPR: suggest your ipod...

I just  joined the gym today (YAY) but as I was running today I thought I need some music... so now I am on a mission to find an ipod.. nothing fancy just a basic ipod.. TIA!!

Re: NPR: suggest your ipod...

  • The smallest, cheapest, most basic iPod is the Shuffle. I'd totally recommend my iTouch, but you said you didn't want fancy.
  • I have a zune and love it but its thicker then the touch not sure if you need something small or not.
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  • 2 days too late.  I just got a 30GB video one on Woot (refurbished) for $100.  That's cheaper than a nano.  I wouldn't get the shuffle.  Go with the nano.  I had one for years (and lost it which is why I just got the video one).  The shuffle doesn't let you do playlists (as best I understand it) and you totally want that.  Once you get an ipod, you end up using it for everything - driving in the car (you can hook it to most cars through an aux cable), around the house, etc.  With a nano or any of the ipods other than the shuffle you can have different playlists so one for working out, one for in the car and then I usually have a few for the girls - DD#1 has a Disney princess one, of course, and DD#2 has a Wiggles/dance type playlist.  We have speakers for the house and can hook it into either of our cars.  I've been going nuts without mine because we live and die by our ipods.  Anyway, the cheapest nano is probably more than enough to get you started.  I think I saw them at Costco for like $140.

    ETA - They have some decent prices on ebay.  Some are NIP or refurbished from good sellers.  Just chek their ratings.  If I hadn't found the deal on Woot, I would have gotten a new nano on ebay.

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