THANK you for your review on domperidone! This is so incredibly helpful!

May I ask how long it took for you to notice an improvement? was it right away? Or did it take the full week? 

Do you b/f as well? Or EP only?  7-9 extra ounces a day would be awesome for me...I b/f and pump four times a day, and when I pump I get about 20oz a day.

Re: JT4125

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    It seemed to only take a day or two before I started to notice a difference.  I only EP.  Before domperidone I was only able to get 22 oz. a day and barely keeping up with DD.  Now I'm keeping up with her and i'm able to add to my freezer stash.  I would try 1 pill 3x a day at first.  I tried 3 3x a day and now i'm doing 1 3x a day and i'm still getting the same increase.
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    Awesome, thanks!
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