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What day of the week for a shower?

I have some family who only insist on gatherings that are on the weekend, but then you have people like my family who's busiest work days are ON the weekend..... What day of the week do you see your shower on?

Re: What day of the week for a shower?

  • we have a lot of out-of-town friends so i always see them on the weekend unless it is a work shower.
  • They're almost always either on a Saturday or Sunday, never heard of anything different unless it's a work related party. 

    The week would involve even more people not being able to come.  I personally would not ask for a day off if my days were limited...I think you'll find that if a weekend is a busy time, your best bet is a Sunday.

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  • mine is brunch on a saturday, as that's when most people are available. I did go to a sprinkle that was a thursday night, I think.
  • Sundays are more common around here, but I prefer Saturday around 2pm because of church.
  • Mine was on a Saturday. I really wouldn't do it on a week night, too much going on with work/school, etc. Sunday a lot of people go to church and stuff.
  • Mine is this sunday :)

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  • I agree the weekend is best. Trying to do something during the week might be tough for some people. Good luck!!
  • i prefer sundays, but in throwing it, i would probably go w/ the majority.  if most people can't come on a weekend, then i'd pick a weeknight for it - like a thursday.
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  • I've only ever been invited to Saturday showers, but would go on a Sunday if it didn't conflict with church.

    There's just no way I could make it on a weeknight unless I took time off of work, and I really can't see doing that for a shower.

  • All of our get-togethers are on Sundays.
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  • I've always had mine, and attended them on weekends. Most people can usually at least get a few hours off of work if they have enough advance notice, maybe you can just have the hostess send out the invites extra early?
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