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Childbirth class: VHC or Sibley?

Hi all - I haven't posted here before but have been following some of these posts and am due Oct 1 with our first baby. I live in DC but will be living out of the country by the time I have the baby, so it doesn't really matter where I do childbirth class since I won't be delivering there. Any opinions about classes at Virginia Hospital Center or at Sibley?


Re: Childbirth class: VHC or Sibley?

  • we did childbirth classes at sibley. honestly i felt like it was a waste of money. between the books i'd already read and the info i've gotten from other posters on these boards i knew 95% of what was covered- minus the breathing/focus techniques which i'm not into anyway. but a coworker of mine also took classes at sibley and thought they were great. the most beneficial part of the classes was the part they spent talking about how the doctors at sibley handle things- apparently things that are routine or rules at sibley aren't at other hospitals.

    honestly if i were you, i'd just get a bunch of books on childbirth and then see if you can take a tour of the hospital where you will be having the baby. good luck!

  • I took the class at VHC (Saturday condensed version). I would agree with PP  that I already knew the majority of the information from the reading I had done. The really informative part for me was asking the instructor (L&D nurse at VHC) specific questions about VHC policy and procedure. The tour was great also. Since you won't be delivering at VHC or Sibley, I am not sure how helpful taking classes there would be if you are already reading a lot of books. The classes at VHC would be VERY helpful if you haven't been reading on your own. Try to get a tour of the hospital where you will be delivering as well.

  • Thanks to both of you! I have been reading books, but I think it would be more for my husband than for me. Maybe we will just skip it!
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