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EPer's I have ?'s

So my goal was to get to 6 months, I am a month away from that goal! I figure it may take me a month or so to wean off the pump.  I pump 8x/day for 20 min's my supply is crap.  I had to supplement the first three months and I am proud to say ds hasn't need anything other than bm for two months!!  Therefore I have a small freezer stash, I never thought I would have one.  Anyway, what is the best way for me to start weaning?  I have heard several thoughts on this.  Will my supply tank when I start doing this? I would be happy to keep eping if I could go down to 2-3 pumps and still have a decent supply.   TIA

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  • definitely try to keep with it because EPing with a smaller number of pumps is soooooo doable. At least for me it was. just start stretching your pump times out.

    I know for me- the BEST thing was when i went down to four pumps. life was so manageable.

    congrats on EPing this long! Its hard work!

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  • I agree with PP...you should be able to get similar results by gradually dropping a pump...I pump 4 times a day and it feeds DD.
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  • Oddly enough I saw an INCREASE in my supply when I cut down to 6 pumps (gradually of course)...I'm now down to 4 pumps and making as much as I did with 6 pumps...however, I'm beginning to think about going down to 3 pumps and then gradually stopping, we''re going out of town for a week in June and DH has requested that I be 'done'  I have MORE than enough in my deep freeze to make sure my girls get BM until their 1st bday...thankfully.  But I still feel guilty about it.
  • Like everyone else said, try dropping pumps! When I started pumping 4x/day my whole EPing outlook changed. Yay for making it this far, though! 5 months is great!
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