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Instead cup??

I came across another infertility blog today and some of the girls were talking about using an instead cup to help get preg. I was like what the heck is an instead cup? For those of you who don't know what an instead cup is it's a cup that is used for menstrual cycles. But these girls are saying they got preg by using it right after bd'g to keep the spermies up there. They said they were trying for a long time & the month they used this cup they got pg!!! SOOOOOO I am going to try it. I mean what the heck right? It's like $5.95 at the store. So what do I have to lose. IUI #4 is right around the corner. It would def be nice not to have do the shots etc...Anyone else hear about this??

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Re: Instead cup??

  • The picture I have in my head right now seems soooo inappropriate (think dixie cup up the vag).  Good luck!  Let us know how it works.
  • I actually had heard of this and kind of blew it off, however, when my aunt found out that we were having TTTC, she called to talk to me (lives outside the state) about her experience.  I knew it had taken awhile for her to get pregnant both times, but I was in my early teens.  She said her doctor ended up giving her a "plug" for lack of a better work for her to put in after sex.   I laughed and she laughs now at the memory of it, but she got pregnant the first month she did that!  After hearing that, I went out and bought the instead cups, but I haven't gotten brave enough to try them.  Maybe next month!!
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  • omg i have not heard of it but I looked it up here is the link I found when googling I have no idea even after reading it how you would work it 'cleanly' ...the quote about non messy sex is extra odd. The dixie cup comment isn't far off...
  • I know it sounds so crazy right?? But really for those of us that are doing TI or IUI i think we should get on that train!! Who knows if it'll work but hey look at all the other crazy crap we have tried!! LOL
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  • no no! I will try anything!! Thanks for the tip! I know someone else who used a turkey baster product...I don't what it was called though...hey between the Preseed, the fert meds, and this...let's see what else I can get mailed to my house...can you even imagine if someone got your delivery by accident????
  • I heard of that, way back when I was first TTC and thought "yeah whatever" funny how a little time makes you reconsider!
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  • I have a friend who is a midwife.  She was having a hard time conceiving her 2nd child and she swears that is what got her pregnant.  She did the conception kit because she got it for free but the instead cup does the same thing!
  • image k8enewlywed:
    the fert meds


    I read that as "fart" meds just now.  Whoops-LOL!


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  • LOL jlcrane...that was funny

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  • I happend to use it the last time i got preg...sadly, it ended in a m/c but the RE said it had nothing to do with me using the instead if you use was really easy to use...
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