TTC After a Loss

Anyone tried?

Chiropractor/massage therapy/herbal therapy?

  I went to a massage therapist/chiropractor today for a leg injury but talked to her about m/cs and IF. She said so many wonderful things, made feel so at peace with myself.
She suggested a cleanse before O to help your body and then red raspberry leaf tea every day and throughout your pregnacy too.

But she also said I am rushing things. That my body can get pg so I shouldn't use all this drugs and do IF treatments. She said the souls are aware that I am waiting and the right one will come to me when it's ready.

I would never even consider any of the things she told me about a month ago. But after mc#2 I am so lost that I am not sure of anything anymore.

Sorry, guess I just needed to vent. I would love to believe in all of this but I am sure my anxiety will kick in as soon as I get AF.......

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Re: Anyone tried?

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    I've thought about going.  Your whole body is connected, it makes sense if one thing is 'off' it could be affecting other things.  I just haven't found one in town I want to try yet.
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    I actually started acupuncture with my last cycle.  I went 3x week for 3 weeks and now I'm down to once a week.  I can honestly say I'm a lot calmer.  My acupuncturiest who is also a chiropractor told me the same thing about rushing things.  I was happy and sad all at the same time with what she said.  I absolutely love going it gives me something to look forward too. 

    She did an inital exam to tell her where to put the pins and my levels (hormones/fungshway) were off the chart.  At the end of my first 3 weeks she did the test again and they were back to normal. She put me on some Liver D Detox supplement and something else to curve my craving for sugar. I don't think the sugar thing worked. Wink

    My anxiety hit with my last AF, but when I went in for my appointment she talked to me and told me that I'm one month closer to a healthier ute for the babe.  The thing that makes me cry is every single time she says your going to be wonderful mommy, you were meant to be a mommy.  I just want to tell her duhhhhhh...... Big Smile

    I hope this helped a little. 

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    I started going to a chiropractor regularly (2-3 times per week) right after Christmas.  He told me that he had studied mixed results with chiropractic's influence on fertility, so he couldn't guarantee that it would help.  I don't know if it's related, but I got my BFP at the end of Feb., right around the time we were tapering off with my chiro visits because my back was getting back to normal.  I'm definitely not saying that the chiro is the reason for my BFP, but I do know that my back felt a lot better when I was going regularly, and I stopped carrying so much stress in my neck and shoulders.  Good luck Luvs, I'm pulling for you.   
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    Hi Luvs,

     I have done both herbs and acu. I did the herbs for 2 months and saw a pretty dramatic change in my cycle. I also got pg the second time after that.  I truly believe had that not been a partial molar that pg would have worked out. I have found out since then that I have endometrial problem so I do the progesterone but also still go to acu to help with side effects and implantation.

     For me acu has helped me tremendously, I defintely recommend it.

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    I'm glad you posted this luvs, I've been thinking about going and this really prompted me to try and find a place tomorrow.  

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    I go to the chiro and get massages there.  I don't know if it helped me get pg last time but I know that it has releived tons of my stress and tension and that has to be beneficial.
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    I believe chiro can help, I am starting to go back after this cycle is over, they do x-rays the first visit and I don't want to risk it.

     I would not to herbal stuff and all that... I just don't believe in it. Some people can try everything and not get pg, I don't think there is any reason to put off modern medicine, which is much more proven than herbal stuff... especially since I tried herbs for a few months, and they didn't change anything.

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    HI Luvs - my mom is a chiropractor ( has been for almost 20 years)

    and she's never mentioned it helping me with fertility - If it helps give you peace of mind I say go for it !

    I'm also doing accupuncture though as I know a few girls who have gotten BFP's after -

    Good luck to you ! ;)

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