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EEG results


But that doesn't exclude a diagnosis of epilepsy.


Ok, so we're seeing a neuro next week and I have A LOT of questions.

So does anyone's DC have seizures but has had a normal EEG??

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Re: EEG results

  • Not my DC, but my brother.  He is dx with idiopathic epilepsy.  He has had numerous grand mal seizures and all of his EEGs and other tests have been normal.  He takes medication which controlls them and he is seizure free now.

    I hope the neuro can answer your questions for you and give you a lot of guidance as to what next!

    Best of luck....

    Kirsten DD 4-7-06
  • Chris has had two tonic clonic seizures but normal EEG's.
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  • My DD was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 5 months.  She has had several EEGs and they all have come back normal.  I believe it is pretty common to have a normal EEG but still have seizures.  Unless your LO has an actual seizure during the test or they have a type of seizure disorder that will show a different brain wave pattern on the EEG then the results typically come back as normal.  My DD had her 1st seizure at 2 wks old.  She had 2 episodes and then nothing else till she was 5 months.  She seized while we were in the ER so there was no question she was having seizures at that point and she has been on medication ever since.

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  • DS has had 3 normal EEG's.  What's frustrating to us is that when he was having them on sunday they didn't want to do an EEG.  The next day they wanted to do one when he was out of the seizure and half sedated.  We want a normal EEG, but at the same time want to figure out what's going on. 
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