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Pregnant after 35

Okay - I'm joining Robyn in the land of insurance woes.

Annnnd it's the same company too.

I've been spoiled I guess.   Last time I had a baby, i didn't pay a thing.   Now that we're having to switch to Oxford (yep same company) and there is a big deductible for the family plus a copay and a 10% coinsurance fee?

.. God only knows how much this is going to cost.    I'm going to have a section, so whatever it is - it's going to be EXPENSIVE.    We have absolutely no choice , other than to continue cobra, which we *can't* afford.

It might be time to move to Canada.  I'm just sayin.

*sigh*... this is way more stress than I need right now that I'm in the middle of my taxes, and being self employed?  That's not looking great either.



Re: Okay - I'm joining Robyn in the land of insurance woes.

  • Sing it!

    ?"Ohhhhh CANada..."

    ?I'm in Montreal, and I am so glad I am! ?We may move to the States in a year or two, and I admit I kind of dread having to deal with US healthcare again.?


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  • Awww... Christine... I'm sorry you're joining me in Oxford hell. Not a pleasant place to be.

    It's insane how much insurance costs. Companies are feeling it, too, and that's why it's passed along to their employees. Hopefully your deductible is lower than mine ($2500). But COBRA is too pricey.

    I'm now resigned to my costs and have hit the halfway mark towards my deductible already.  So whatever happens?happens. I still hope my son comes in August when I'm covered by my husband's plan but if he isn't, I'll just work out a payment plan with my hospital.


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  • Alas, Robyn... our deductible for the family will be *more*.   We're at $3000, if I'm reading correctly, plus the copay and 10% of the balance thing.. awesome.   Can't *wait* to see the bill on this one.

    Healthcare was scary enough when the companies were still getting behind employees, but now that most are seeing insurance coverage as a "fringe benefit"???    Ladies - I just want to say that I'm THRILLED that this is our last.   Holy Christmas.



  • Boooo... I'm sorry Christine.

     I will say that it was lovely when we were still in Vancouver, going for doc appointments and u/s's and never receiving a bill.

    I'm currently bracing myself for the arrival of our first bill since our return to CA.

  • Ladies.....I will be with ya'll very shortly....since my DH has been laid off he hasn't accrued the hours to have the "good" plan (which was fantastic!!!) and we are on the back up plan as of now.....god only knows what the bills will be like for that AND the second plan runs out on 9/1....I''m due 9/22.....this should be interesting....hoping he gets some work before then.....but with 3000+ carpenters unemployed it's not looking so good...ARGH!!!!!
  • I feel really bad you gals are going through this insurance madness.  In these tough economic times I'am sure hospitals are more than willing to work with people on their finances for labor and delivery. 

    I count my blessings everyday I sitll have a job, and holding the fort down while my dh was unemployed for 7 months.  He just started a new job a couple weeks ago and his insurance will not kick in for another 90 days.  I have my own insurance so I am deftintely grateful for that.

  • Yeah, see the 90 day game just came up for us, and now after dealing with Cobra for for the last 3 mos on the GOOD insurance, it was quite a shock finding out exactly *what* the new company was offering in the last 2 days.    I'm sure the hospital is willing to work with us, but regardless, it's going to be like.. oh.. 4000 that i wasnt expecting to have to come up with, and even if it's a payment plan?   it's another monthly expense to add to what we're *just* barely squeaking by with right now.  

    Just depressed as all get out today... *AND* I have to finish my taxes, which - as a self employed gal, for the first time in 16 yrs of running my own "business"?   I'm going to have to make a payment plan with the IRS.    I just don't have it all to pay this year after we went into savings for the time DH was out of work.  

    Awesome.   I know it's rough for everyone right now, so I need to shut up and suck it up... but I'm unhappy today.   And I'm going to run with it.   Bleh.


  • We have a $750 deductible and then a $2000 out of pocket max so we will end up owing $2750.00. Heaven forbid the baby need something more than just the normal care, like NICU then it will start another deductible and out of pocket.

    When DH had open enrollment in Feb I looked into adding me to his and we could have owned the hospital for what that would cost. His old job, a year ago, had amazing insurance, would have cost us $100.

  • It's astonishing, isn't it??    I feel for the companies that are having to make the calls to cut the benefits.  I really do, but it troubles me beyond belief that if *we're* in this situation.... how many others are so much more worse off?    *sigh*


  • Ack! I'm so sorry Christine! I hear you on the Canada thing... I'm originally from Toronto, but have been living in Denver for 12 years. I miss the healthcare coverage, and the 1 year maternity leave, although am thankful that we have good insurance. I'm scared to ever leave my company because I know how good the insurance really is. It petrifies me that in this country that just about any low-income to middle class family can loose everything they've worked so hard for because of one serious illness.
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