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Diagnosis - MTHFR A1298C

My OB diagonsed me with this today.  He said there is no proven correlation between this and m/c, but that it is prudent for me to be on extra folic acid.

My RE doesn't have his tests back yet, but he has already put me on extra folic acid and baby asprin as a precaution.  I'm going to call him tomorrow to tell him what I found out from the OB and ask if he has his tests and ask for some guidance.

Anyway, Can anyone tell me what you know about this?  I'm homozygous. 

I've been googling and have found at least one source that says folic acid, B9, may not be enough.  It's talking about B6 and B12 and lovenox.  I'm confused.


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Re: Diagnosis - MTHFR A1298C

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    By the way, I think my OB is just plain wrong about there being no association between MTHFR and m/c.  Everything I'm googlling says otherwise.
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    Im sorry I dont have an answer for you.  But I agree that your OB is probably wrong.  Hopefully this gives you the answers you need to get your sticky baby!  GL!!
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    Are you sure that you're homo?  B/c I'm hetero and my doctor said that with just being hetero I would only need regular prenatal and nothing more.  If I was homo he would have recommended more b vitamins and folic acid.  But I'm also positive for factor v leiden so he put me on baby asprin.  I'm taking extra vitamins on my own after doing research.

    I had 2 early m/c and sought a second opinion from a hematologist who said that protocol for them is that if a person has had 2 or more m/c and is positive for mthfr or factor v leiden, that she always goes to lovenox injections.  My sister tested after I got my diagnosis and a specialist (perinatologist maybe?) said that he would do lovenox injections after 3 m/c.  So you may want to seek a second opinion just in case. 


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    kekiskekis member
    Most research right now shows that the correlation between the MTHFR genetic mutation and m/c is for those women who have high (fasting) homocysteine levels.  However, my fasting levels were normal and I had another m/c after my dx.  I'll be on Lovenox if/when I ever get pg again since my history shows that there is obviously a biochemical issue that causes me to lose my babies.  There have been women who have had successful pgs and delivered healthy babies with the MTHFR mutation.  It does seem that there is more occurrences of m/c and NT defects with birth than healthy pgs and deliveries.  I have a little bit of info on my blog if you want to check it out.  GL!
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    I wanted to chime in and agree with the pp.  Some people have this mutation and others and still deliver healthy babies w/o any extra medication or vitamins.  Some have issues.  It's usually related to elevated homocysteine levels but not always.  GL!
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    Thank you for your replies.  It's starting to make more sense to me (no thanks to my OB).  Thank goodness I have a RE Specialist to consult also. 

    I'm sure I'm homozygous.  The OB was very clear about how I ended up with the mutation.  It came from both parents.  He just dropped the ball on what I should do about it.

    Interestingly my sister had a healthy pregnancy with no complications and I am assuming if I have MTHFR she must have it too.  However she was 18 when she had her baby and I'm TTC at 35.  She wasn't even on a prenatal vitamin until she found out she was pregnant and still no problems!  I also seem to remember her eating a lot of taco bell and not a lot of oh...say  Ah to be young.

    I'll update later today when I get some information from the RE.


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