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q re: male factor?

hi, i don't really post on this board, but i had a question.?

my DH has been tested twice and results came back both times with a large amount of sperm, but that they were slow and a high % shaped wrong. our dr said that he could get tested again, or we could move directly to insemination.?

nothing has come back to indicate that there is anything wrong w me, but in our last discussion she wanted me to get a postcoital test. i haven't done the HSG yet either.

would you have him get tested again? he took very strong asthma meds as a child and i think they may have caused these issues. ?

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Re: q re: male factor?

  • No question...have him tested again!! It is relaitvely cheap compared to IUI's/IVF and could save you lots and lots of money!
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  • You should also get the HSG and hormone testing.  My husband has really high counts too but low motility and low morph.  We did 3 inseminations (IUIs) and now we're moving onto IVF.  Was one of the semen analysis a Kruger morphology test?  That might also tell you whether IUIs are worth your time and money or not.
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  • Definitely get him tested again -- there can be errors and you want to verify the results.

    Also, I would get an HSG and other testing done before proceding with an IUI -- you don't want to put the time and money into it and find out your have blocked tubes or something.


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  • If I were you I would definitely do the HSG....you dont want to do IVF & then find out there is a problem.

    How far apart were your DH's SAs? They need to be 2-3 months apart for there to be a difference (sperm take that long to regenerate).  I would also get a blood test for DH to check hormone levels & get him to a urologist to  review the SA results & do a physical exam. 

    Good luck!

  • I would have him see a urologist who specializes in male infertility.

    My DH had moderate/severe low count, and then occasionally had some motility and morphology issues, but those were less of an issue.

    He wound up having a high estradiol level and was put on Arimidex, GNC Fertility Blend for Men, and Vitamin C 500 mg daily - even if your DH doesn't have a hormonal issue, I would check into the antioxidant therapy (GNC stuff and vit C. They have been shown to show improvements in #'s, although I don't have the stats offhand.)

    If you're looking at IUI or IVF, I don't think a postcoital will do much for you, but I could be wrong. The HSG would be a good idea to get done.

    Good luck!

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