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CBEFM users come in...

I recently got one and now have time to look at it. Whew! 

Anyway, I am going to sit down and read the instructions (because I am annnaaaallll) but if you have one and have any hints/tips to throw my way,

please do!





Re: CBEFM users come in...

  • I love mine.  It is super easy.  Just don't accidental skip a day of POAS when the CBEFM is asking for it before O (like I have done), it will mess up the H & Ps.

     Right now mine appears to be broken.  It keeps telling me to take out the stick.  And there is no stick in there!  I might have messed it up when I was travelling.  I just threw it in the suitcase and it might have gotten to hot or gotten the sensor messed up somehow :(

  • I do stop putting sticks in after I go back to low after peak. I also put the stick out before I go to bed so I don't forget. Sometimes POAS 10 or so days in a row can get routine and you might forget. GL!
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  • I just got one too and read through the booklet. You start using it on CD5 and it will tell you to POAS for 10 to 20 days. You should always have 10 sticks from one box. You use first morning urine and can do mid stream or dip.   I'm excited about it because I'm always worried if we BD on the right days. And a I mentioned I'm a poas-oholic so this is right up my alley.
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  • The one thing to remember is that the day you set your cd1 take note of the will have a 6 hour window, 3hrs before the time you set and 3 hrs after, that you will have to turn it on everyday at the same time...if it is between days 6 & 16 and you miss your time block it will not have you POAS that day...also, according to my RE meds like clomid will affect it so they say not to use it if you are on meds.

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  • I prefer to use the PIAC method because I found that it was getting too wet (sorry if TMI) when I did POAS.  Also, you don't have to wait until day 5 to start it, you can start it on CD 1 if your period arrived in the middle of the night or CD 2 if your period arrived sometime during the day.  You have up until CD 5 to start it for that cycle if you forget.  I really liked using it because it gave me a more definitve O time.
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  • I love my monitor.

    I get pregnant quickly using it since our timing is then dead-on.

    Now, all I have to do is stay pregnant one of these times...

  • Cat, I think I beat you on being anal.  Not only did I read the directions, but I borrowed the monitor from a friend so I had to go online and download the directions!  My tip is to make sure you get the stick in the machine correctly. A couple times I thought I had it in there right only to come back later to find out it was in wrong. Also, it takes time to learn your body.  First month, it didn't give me much notice at all, but this month it worked great.

    FBM--Good to know about not using the sticks after you get your post peak low. I was thinking I would stop too, but I didn't know if it would mess anything up. Glad it won't. Since I am an early ovulater I will be able to make those sticks last this way.

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  • Its the best thing since sliced bread to help me figure out when I am ovulating. I used it the first month in Feb, and got pregnant.  I mc in March, but am ready to use it again in this month.
  • Holy crap, I went back to look for this post and saw I forgot to say thank you for this excellent advice! Embarrassed

    So, thank you!

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