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Pregnant after 35

question about dr's

How many of you see/ have seen a perinatologist?  I'm 37, got pregnant w/o really trying (i was very, very lucky!) and have had a complication free pregnancy.  I never thought it was weird that I wasn't referred to a perinatologist, but someone asked me about it today.  They seemed to think it was odd.  But, she was pregnant w/ twins and had used IVF to get pregnant (I don't know what their specific conception issues were, so don't know if it's related or not) and saw a perinatologist on a pretty regular basis during her pregnancy (she's 36).  Now, of course, I'm freaked out a little..  anyone have any similar experience to share?  TIA!
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Re: question about dr's

  • I *heart* my periantologist. ?He deals with freaked-out high risk women all day, and he's still a bucket of sunshine.


    I have one because I'm 41 with fibroids and a history of preeclampsia, and 7 unsuccessful pregnancies, but he actually tells me that's nothin'! ?I love that he has a lot of experience with unusual situations.

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  • I have had two AMA pregnancies (first at 36, second at 37) and I never saw a perinatologist. 
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  • For the OB group that I go to, any woman over 35 is referred to the perinatologist. I absolutely love mine. He looks like the unibomber but is brilliant, nonetheless :) I think it's standard in some practices and not in others.
  • unless you are high risk- there's no need for a peri. Being 37 does not make you high risk automatically....  I had DS at 34 and did not see a peri - but now that i am pg with twins I see one- only b/c it's twins, not b/c i'm 36.

    the only difference with age comes the NTS testing and amnio - if you choose to do it. (we did not do the amnio)

  • Thanks everyone!  Happy, healthy pregnancies to all of you!!!
    DD2- May 2012 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker 1/26/11- missed m/c @ 12 weeks
  • I hadn't assumed I needed one because I've had no complications(touch wood), but I was apparently wrong since being 35 automatically makes one high risk. Grrrr... I freaked out when I was initially told I needed a perinatologist(read: cried like a little girl), but my one appointment went really well and I was sent on my merry way feeling even better about the health of my little boy than before.

    One more appointment then it's back to the regular OBGYN.

  • Nope. Never seen one. I was almost 37 when DD was born and will be almost 39 when DS arrives.
  • The only reason I've seen a Perinatologist is because my OB practice does not do ultrasounds in office (which is the cause of my current insurance woes) and sends patients to the local hospital where the Perinatologist handles them.


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