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? for those with "unexplained" fertility

Has anyone felt that they wanted/needed/etc. to get a 2nd opinion?!? Or, for that matter, have you gotten a 2nd opinion if you have "unexplained" fertility?

We have been trying 2+ years and will have been with our RE for almost a year (it will be one full year at the end of May). All that they have found wrong with me is hypothyroid which is now under control and a polyp that was removed last Summer. DH numbers are great. They say everything else is fine, but I still have issues.

This is what I'm concerned about...

-I never had my progesterone checked and when I asked to have it checked they said that it's fine if it's at least 2 weeks from the time that I ovulate and get my period, and that even if I did have it checked the number that comes back wouldn't tell them much. ??

-I'm pretty sure that I have late ovulation. I have not mentioned it to my RE yet, because I've just noticed it these past two months. For example, this month, I got my +OPK on last Wednesday night and I had EWCM and ovulation pains through last night..so that's 5 days. Would that be considered late ovulation? I don't really chart...I tried it for a while, but it just stressed me out.

-We had one IUI back in September and it failed. We want to try again next month, but we are going on vacation, so it may have to wait until May or June, depending on the timing. But we are 100% OOP. Our last IUI (without drugs) was over $1,200. Don't get me wrong, I am going to pay whatever I have to have a child, but we wanted to save some money up for it so that's why it's been so long, plus DH is an accountant so we wanted to wait until the end of tax season. I guess my point is, if I'm going to spend that much I want to make sure everything is right with me, including my progesterone?!? Is that crazy thinking?

These are the things I bring up to DH every month when it doesn't work and of course he doesn't really know what to say. Thanks for any advice. Sorry this was so long!!



Re: ? for those with "unexplained" fertility

  • I think it would be good for you to get a second opinion. If you're not happy with your RE, then it's worth it to see if there is a doctor out there who will be a better fit for you :) Good luck!
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  • I had the same problem with getting my progesterone checked and I was very concerned about it.  My first RE blew me off by saying there was no need test it, just saying it wasn't important.  My second RE finally explained to me that if your 3 day numbers are ok there is no need to test progesterone.  He said that if progesterone was a problem one of those numbers would show it. 
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  • I am a firm believer in second opinions!!! It can't hurt to see someone different!

    As for the progesterone check...my OBGYN did it and when she saw progesterone at 7DPO she told me 'well, you are ovulating'. of course this can also be confirmed with thermal shift!  My RE seems to think the absolute progesterone # at 7DPO is meaningless as long as it is >10, because progesterone is emitted in bursts and you never know when your catching it when the last wave happened...

    I also have several days of EWCM...i think this is okay as long as you see it dry up shortly after your thermal shift.  REmember that it is possible to O 2-3 days prior to your shift.

    I am a long time charter but i've recetnly giving up charting in the 2ww...at that point what's done is done and i don't feel there is much value to it except to totally stress myself out!

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  • We are unexplained and we are currently on our 3rd RE. ?Our first RE performed my lap and some initial testing. ?When we still didn't get pg after the lap, I tried out a new RE and did 2 IUIs OOP with her. ?I wasn't happy with her efforts on those, so we quit going to a RE for awhile. ?Then we moved states and are currently seeing our 3rd RE, who we've done 1 IUI with so far and are now moving on to IVF. ?We are willing to do 2 IVFs with him, but if both of those fail, we will move on to a 4th.
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  • I am unexplained and my RE actually recommended me getting a second opinion just for peace of mind. My old RE also recommended me doing PGD which they didn't do. I went for a 2nd opinion and am currently doing my first IVF cycle with PGD with my new RE. I am happy that I did. Having a new set of eyes look at your information is  a good thing!
  • I trusted that my doctor was leading me in the right direction because...well, they were a DOCTOR.  Little did I know that I wasted a year - year and a half of my TTC life without seeing the full picture.  I kick myself constantly for it.  I'm without insurance until May now, but I am getting back in the game once we have it again.  I feel cheated, and I definitely think that 2nd opinions would be well worth it!  Doctors are not always 100% accurate.

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  • We are also unexplained. If this next IVF fails, we will be getting a second opinion.
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