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Surgery update

Our little man is doing well after surgery. He tolerated the total repair heart surgery well and is making his way toward recovery. He was on 10 different meds after the surgery, and now is not on any, except for morphine as needed. He has gone through some withdrawal from being off the meds, which is really hard to witness. I just feel so bad that I can't do anything for him.

But, all in all he is doing well. They hope to wean him off the vent soon, but we constantly are dealing with edema and other smaller things that they want to take care of first before taking him off everything. We try not to get our hopes up about anything as we don't want to be disappointed. We are looking forward to holding him again and eventually taking him home. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue on this journey towards recovery.

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Re: Surgery update

  • Good Luck to you, I know exactly what you are going  thru.  My daughter had TOF repair and the withdrawals from Morphine were one ot the hardest things to watch--I remember that night I cried so much--i say it was one of the worst nights  of my life...Hopefully everything will be allright and you will be able to hold him soon.
  • It is so good to hear that he is doing well!  Recovery is so hard to go through but at least you're on the up-swing now!  Keep us posted!
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  • Glad to hear he is doing well.  Hope he makes a full recovery soon!
  • I'm glad everything went well!
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  • Good to hear!!  I'm sure its so nice to have the surgery over with!!  I'll be praying for a speedy recovery!!!

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  • I've been thinking about you, and so glad to hear that the surgery went well. We went though the morphine and other pain med withdrawl, too - and we continued to alternate tylanol and motrin for several weeks after we came home. It's so hard to see them in pain. Gosh, my heart goes out to you. I remember those days very well.

    Hang in there. Don't forget to take care of yourself too.

    Sending lots of thoughts and prayers and positive vibes your way! 

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