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Do you count a FET as IVF? or only count fresh cycles?

Just curious what your girls do.

I only count fresh ivf's as ivf,  so I am in the middle of my 3rd ivf. I count my  fet as just that, a fet. That's also how my insurance counts them. My fet did't count agains my allowed ivf's.

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Re: Do you count a FET as IVF? or only count fresh cycles?

  • I do the same, as you.  That is how my Dr. does it too.

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  • Unfortunately, my insurance doesn't count them at all since they don't cover either. No

    When I talk about what type of treatment I'm doing, I refer to them as either an IVF or FET cycle.  However, FET is a result of IVF.  If my next FET is successful I will probably say it was the result of IVF (outside of this board).     


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  • My insurance thinks that FET are the same as IVF so therefore will only cover 2 cycles, either fresh IVF or FET.
  • Personally, I count them like you do - a fresh IVF cycle is an IVF cycle and a FET is a FET. ?After this long, it makes me feel kinda pathetic if count them all as IVFs. ?For me, it's better to?separate?them b/c it make me feel more hopeful/positive.

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