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Hey chicas--
This board seemed to have some activity, so I've got a question for ya. I'm not a mom, I don't plan to be one anytime soon, and that's why I'm cluless. I have a friend whose baby shower I missed (um, a month ago) and the baby is due any day now. I'd like to buy a personal gift because I know her family will complete her registry. What's something you really needed/appreciated/wished you had after you had your baby?

Thanks in advance :)

And now you all have me googling ChaCha, because I always thought that was the thing your baby exits through...

Re: ::waves hello:: and question...

  • Hi and welcome!!

    I think it's wonderful that you want to purchase her something special & meaningful (what a great friend you are!) and I would highly recommend a "Hooter Hider" from

    Lots of companies sell "nursing covers" that are much cheaper but aren't as beautiful as these!  :)

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  • Ha! I'm glad you recommended that because I just placed an order for that EXACT product! (I also bought some wooden baby toys, a Picky Sticky pack, a Kiddopotamus swaddleme, and a Rockabye Baby CD rendition of Nine Inch Nails. That last one is for the dad.)

    Thanks for your response!Big Smile

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  • How about a stork rental? I rent 7 foot tall personalized lawn stork birth announcements locally in my area and there are thousands of other companies across the US who also do this. It's a wonderful alternative to flowers or a gift and card. If you need help finding someone in your area, just let me know and I'll see if I can find someone for you.

  • Does she have a Boppy- I couldn't live without mine.
  • I actually really appreciated the "me" gifts, like a gift card to Starbucks and my fav liquor as my presents.  SO much was given to us for the baby that it was nice when someone actually thought of me.  I hope that doesn't sound selfish!

     BTW- We have the babyrock CD for radiohead and Bob Marley and our daughter LOVES them!!

  • I would have loved if someone brought me dinner (or a GC for a restaurant) and a book for the baby. The dinner only lasts for one night (but is sooooo appreciated) and the book lasts for a long time (and is also appreciated). You could even do a baby board book and a book for an older child.

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