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where is everyone this week?

We've been having a ridiculous and crazy week between out of town guests, Paul being sick, and Ben's birthday... I keep popping on here every once in a while and it seems like there are zero new posts.  Where is everyone?

Re: where is everyone this week?

  • Just wanted to say I love your siggy!!  Where did you get the shirts?
  • thanks Smile

    they were a gift but it looks like they sell 'em on amazon and a few other places too http://www.amazon.com/Thing-One-Two-Gift-Bag/dp/B000LG9ZOK/ref=pd_sbs_a_1

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  • i just haven't had much interesting to say. :)

    but i wanted to say, i finally got to read your photo blog (and see the pics) and it's so awesome. i'm definitely paying close attention to the one on lens. i know i need a new one, so this helps.

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  • Im in and out:) I have been physically attached to my new laptop for the past 4 days.. I neep help.
  • I just jumped on now because I feel like I havent been on in days! We have been swamped!!

    I have thing one thing two shirts too!!! mine look a little different though.

  • I'm here but with nothing interesting to say so I haven't been posting.  I was able to get Ryan to nap in his crib today (I'm still working on Audrey) so I was actually able to get some work done around the house during the afternoon nap.  It feels so good to get things done!!!
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  • I'm always around just not much happening lately! Maybe I'll update my siggy...
  • I'm here... for the first time in days. I hurt my back (old injury) and also am dealing with a virus on my laptop. It is a mess. Right now I am on my mom's laptop. I'm in withdrawal! Miss you all.
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