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Pregnant after 35

How long are you waiting after the first?

Just curious to know how long on average people are waiting to have their second child when you are over 35 (or 37 like me).  We are considering starting to try but I don't want to try too soon because I don't know if Im ready yet.    On the other hand, I am afraid of waiting too long.

Re: How long are you waiting after the first?

  • I had our first just before I turned 37 and am now PG with our second. They'll be 25 months apart. We started trying again when DD was 1.
  • My two are 17 months apart.  Age definitely played a role in having them close together.  Two under two is not easy, but I like they will be close in age as they get older.

    Edit:  We are done with two.  No more for us.  I just like to hang out with other AMA moms.

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  • If my financial circumstances change and we decide to have a second child, I wouldn't even start trying until this baby is 18 months old.

    At that point, whatever happens... happens. I won't go for medical assistance and would definitely go straight for a CVS since I would be at least 41 by the earliest to have a baby #2.  But, again, it all depends on our finances in two years time. We want to be debt free and on our way to owning a home before we'd consider a 2nd.


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    We started trying when our DD turned 1 and were lucky enough to not have any real issues (just one chemical).  The kids will be almost exactly 2 years apart.  Like you, I didn't want to wait too long, especially as we haven't decided definitely on #3.

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    DS -- 3YO

  • We're thinking a year. ?The clock's really ticking for me at 41, but I want my body to recover!
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  • Gotta tell ya...I just turned 40 and have been a nervous wreck (my poor bump friends!) this whole time. I don't think I could go through this again so this will hopefully be my first and last. DH has two kids from a previous marriage and I love them dearly. I am okay with just one between us- he is okay with it, too.
  • We waited until DS was 1.5 yrs old to start TTC our 2nd.  I'm glad we didn't wait any longer b/c it took us 17 months to concieve # 2 and I will be 39 when she is born.
  • 6 months to a year, that would(hopefully) make me 36 or 37 when we had #2 and give us plenty of time to decide on #3.
  • I'll probably wait at least a 1 year- 18 months to start trying again.
  • I am 38 and this is our first. If we decide we want another one (not sure yet), we'll start trying right after this one is born. I know you are supposed to wait a little but I'd like to have them be close in age and also don't want to get too old.
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