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Boob Leakage Question

How often are they supposed to leak?  Mine start to leak about 1.5 after I last pump them.  I was pumping every 2 hours to build up my supply.  I'd now like to go to every 3-4 hours but I feel like I have to pump constantly because of leaking and engorgement.

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  • Oh and is it too early for me to try to drop a pump?

  • It'll start to regulate a bit more as time wears on.  I think you should try to stretch time in between pumps a little more gradually.  Like every 2-3 days go an extra 15 - 30 mins.

    As for dropping a pump - I would wait until you're going your desired length of time between pumps (say 4 hours or whatever).  You don't want to do too much too fast and wind up all sorts of engorged.

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  • You are not "supposed" to leak. Most women do leak, but it usually stops after a few weeks/months when your body adjusts to your milk supply. The leaking is not a sign that your breasts are full or a display of your supply. You may be leaking if the baby cries, or if you are thinking about nursing/pumping.

    (when my sister came to visit me in the hospital, just watching me nurse made her milk letdown & leak!) 

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  • I don't know the answer to your questions.  However, I would just like to say I would love to stop leaking!  I swear, I'm a milk faucet!!
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