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Share your Clomid stories please?

We are TTC #3 and I have yet to Ovulate. My first pp AF was 59 days long, which was hell, and my body is just a mess. My OB said give it another month and see what happens but he'd like to try Clomid to get me Oing again. I've always seen posts about it but never had any reason to read them. With DD#1 we got pregnant on the 1st cycle and DD#2 it took 2 cycles so we've been very lucky in this area. Tell me your goods and bads about Clomid. And what about multiples? I'm 35 and would be 36 when #3 arrives so I'm not wanting to wait too long just to see how things pan out. Please share :)

Re: Share your Clomid stories please?

  • I took it this cycle from days 5-9, and didn't really notice anything. I was a bit emotional, but I attribute that to news about DH's swimmers. I was on it for low progesterone, and would take it again if I get the chance. Good luck!
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  • Thanks for your information and good luck to you two!  My sister also was given the same news about her DH(not sure on the numbers) and they are now pregnant with her second child.  Hang in there and try to stay positive  :)
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    I did 4 rounds of clomid on days 5-9 and had different responses each month. I did get headaches each time so I made sure to take the pills before bed so that I could sleep through most of the side effects. I got hot flashes some months and my mood ranged from being a little cranky to being what I like to call hormonally bat-sh!t-crazy! From what I've read on the boards, everyone responds differently. Some people feel all the effects while others have no side effects. I think I gradually got worse because the amount of clomid would build in my system each month I started a new round, as clomid stays in your system for about 8 weeks(I think). The incidence of multiples is very low. I think twining is in the 7-8% range which is only a little higher than it occurs naturally. Good luck!?
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  • I took 3 rounds of Clomid (first 2-50mg and 3rd 1-100mg) and I got pregnant on my third round. I miscarried that round and have since taken 2 more rounds 100mg and 150mg.  Next cycle I will start another round of 100mg Clomid with injections.

     The side effects I had were hot flashes and night sweats.  I tried to take them at night to see if I had less side effects during the day, for me, it wasn't any different than taking them at lunch time.

    Some women have complained about bad cramps but I did not have that problem. 

     Good luck! 


  • Hi, I have no experience with Clomid (yet!).  I just wanted to say how adorable your girls are!
  • I just finished my first round of 100 mg Clomid.  It wasn't that bad.  I had a couple of hot flashes at work, but no big deal.

    I was terrified that I would be crazy on these pills, but it was fine.  I do have a lot more cervical fluid and I'm ovulating later this month.


  • One of my very best friends used Clomid as a part of TTC her son. She said she felt like a hormonal mess and cried a lot, but that might have been the whole ttc process. SHe also said it was totally worth it Big Smile

    Good luck!

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  • I had no problem getting pregnant with my DD but discovered I was not ovulating when we decided we were ready for #2.  My periods were very far apart.  Clomid is working great although I do have hot flashes.  I am on the lowest dosage and very responsive.  I got a BFP on the second round but m/c at 5w.  I will try again next cycle.  I have no regrets thus far - I'm 39 and don't have time to waste and am so thankful that there is something that can help me ovulate.  Good luck! 
  • I only have had one round so far and was a little scared of how I would react to it, but luckily I didn't have any side effects that I could tell...I'm always a little weepy so I can't really blame the clomid for that  Wink
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  • One thing I forgot to mention - if you take it, make sure your doctor is going to monitor you with sonograms.  They can tell if it's working or if they need to up the dosage, etc.
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