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Can your SO tell your babies' cries apart?

DH just mentioned this morning that he doesn't know how I can tell who's crying just by the sound of the cry. I was surprised b/c he is very actively involved in childcare (he helps with evening baby care and we split the night shift and take care of them together on weekends), and to me their cries are VERY different; I've been able to tell them apart since the first week. (Alex squeaks and protests indignantly; Will sounds whiny and irritable and has heavy nasally breathing when he's getting worked up.) He often picks up on other subtleties even before I do, like certain types of snuggling or playing that each of them prefers, so I just thought it was interesting.

Just curious if your DHs/SOs can tell your LO's cries apart ...

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Re: Can your SO tell your babies' cries apart?

  • Usually but late at night it is sometimes hard for even me to tell.
  • totally. we can even tell little sighs and sounds apart when we hear them on the monitor. i think maybe i pick up on it a little more than he does.
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  • Yes,  but they are VERY different cries.  Early on though in the middle of the night when DH was half asleep he was known to pick up the wrong baby GRRRR, so I suppose he hasn't always known, but now he definitely can tell the difference.
  • Yes, my DH is terrific at telling who is crying, much much much better than I am.  There will be one little wimper on the monitor and he'll know it was Madeline, but I'll have no clue.  I attribute it to my tone-deafness.
  • he can, but not as well as me:)
  • I can't, so I don't expect him to be able to either. :P
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  • Audrey - loud and whiney - very annoying!

    Natalie - when she does cry, it is frantic sounding.

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    he can, but not as well as me:)
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    he can, but not as well as me:)

    Ditto this for my DH.  He does pretty well but still guesses wrong now and then. 

  • Most of the time, but like other posters, not as well as me.

  • YES! :)

     We've always played the 'who is that game'...esp when they were little so that we would be able to figure out who it was w/o first going into their MIL was shocked that we could tell them apart!

  • Yes but they sound totally different to both of us.
  • Yes but he was able to tell the difference before I could.
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    Yes DH can tell them apart.....sometimes better than me!  Overall it's really easy for us both, but I swear my mom and MIL can't tell them apart by voice to save their lives!

     Ditto except for the MIL part.  Even though she's in the same damn town as us, she spends little time with them.   grrr

  • Yes, DH and our Au Pair can tell them apart within a millisecond.  It takes me a good ten seconds or more before I think I know, and even then, I'm usually wrong.  Only recently, as they got sick, could I tell, because Darby's voice got squeaky and quiet, while Asher learned to belt out a little louder than usual...
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  • yep...but lucky for us they are VERY different cries
  • No, but neither can I. They were born with the same scream and they still have the exact same cry.?
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  • OK, I'll have to tell DH he's a slacker and all the other twin-dads can tell their babies' cries apart! ;) Seriously though, their cries really are VERY different. My sis was just here for 5 days and by the end of that short time she was picking up on it, too.
    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
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