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When did your DC start sleeping more?  Allie still eats every 2 hours... all day and night.  Any advice?
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Re: Nighttime

  • Not till after 6 weeks or so.  But I seem to remember Ben eating every 3 hours for a LONG time.
  • Around 5 or 6 weeks she started going longer stretches. The only advice is survive it... it will get better!!
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  • 6 or 7 weeks.. I also remember hearing that once they reach a certain weight they sleep better -- I want to say 14lbs but I don't remember. That of course is not scientific.

  • Sorry hon, AT didnt drop a feeding till he was over 3m old. We went from 2 night feedings to just one.

    It will get better, the first 3m are the hardest. Just survive. Hugs!

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  • Nora ate every 3 hours until she was 4 months old, except at night.  By 4-6 (I can't remember already!) weeks old, she was going 4-5 hours in between feeding at night.  I'm guessing you're not letting her sleep too much during the day (and missing day feedings) by letting her sleep if you say she eats every 2 hours during the day too.  My only suggestion is to make sure she is getting full feedings when she is eating during the day in hopes that she can begin to go longer at night.  I always made sure Nora wasn't just snacking during the day and that she ate well on both breasts (and didn't fall asleep at the breast) and she could easily go 3 hours (most of the time- of course there were exceptions) in between feedings when she was 4-6 weeks old.
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  • She eats every 2 hours.  It takes her about 30 min-1 hr to eat.  Then she sleeps for an hour.  Then back to eating again.  I wonder if she is getting enough.  Sometimes she falls asleep, so I try my hardest to keep her awake and wake her back up.  Then when she is finished and falls asleep, I try to move her and she wakes up again.  Never ending...
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