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NT Scans produce High Risk results

I received word that my NT Scan rated me as High Risk for Downs. I have more tests next Tuesday, what can you tell me regarding this? Did you have an amnio?

Any info would be great! Especially if you have a website that you went to for info that was helpful. Really just curious what to expect with this news. I've had two other pregnancies that were no trouble at all.

Thanks for the help. Good luck and H & H 9 mos to everyone.

Re: NT Scans produce High Risk results

  • Did they give you specific odds? They should have given you a risk ratio. I was 1:165 for Down Syndrome and 1:5000 for Trisomy

    My amnio is scheduled for next week.

  • Oh! And just so you know, several ladies on here (okay three at least) had odds that were not as good as mine (and mine were far from great) had amnios- and everything looked just fine!

    I wish you a healthy and happy 9 months also! Smile

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  • Yes, they should give you odds..

    My last pregnancy we had the first trimester ultrasound and blood work.  The ultrasound was perfect (the measure something about the thickness of the neck) but my bloodwork came back there was a 1:8 chance she had ds.  We ultimately had a cvs test done since it was early enough and we didn't want to wait for amnio.  It came back positive.

    This time we are going right to the cvs test. I don't think I could trust the results no matter what they said.

    Good luck sweetie...  


  • Thanks ladies. My odds were 1:275. Was the amnio an option or did you have to have it? My nurse said that because I am just shy of 35, it would still be an option for me, and I was thinking about not having it. What is the cvs test? Sorry for being so ignorant about these things, just want some peace of mind to get through the next week that these are all routine tests and happenings.
  • Fourplus1,

    I saw from your signature ticker that you're 14 weeks along, which is too late for a CVS. But here is info on that test: https://www.babycenter.com/0_chorionic-villus-sampling-cvs_328.bc

    While those odds are elevated for Down's Syndrome for a woman who will deliver at age 35, it's still only a 0.01% change of a problem (ie. 99.99% that everything is OK).  But I can understand wanting an Amnio (done around 16 weeks) for confirmation that everything is OK.

    While amnios are scary, in general most people don't have adverse effects from them and they're pretty safe?especially if done by a doctor who is skilled in the procedure.


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  • Thank you thank you thank you! I appreciate your responses so very much.
  • We had our NT scan 2 weeks ago.  Before they performed it, my husband and I met with a genetics counselor.  She explained that risks less than 1:250 are considered "abnormal" or increased risk for Down's syndrome.  I'm not sure if that varies by provider and how they perform the screening or not.  What's interesting about that is that my results came back as 1:303, yet she told me that was an "increased risk".  That could simply be because I will be 43 when I deliver.


    Here is a great article that I found.  It also contains a table that shows the risk of Down's by mother's age.  Maybe this will help you a little bit.



    FWIW, with our results of 1:303, we opted NOT to do the amnio.  Even though 1:303 sounds a lot worse than say 1:4000 like some people get, I did the math for myself.  1 in 303 means that there is a 99.9966% chance that the baby is fine.  In your case, 1:275 means that there is a 99.9963% chance that your baby is fine.  I decided if the risks of an amnio were greater than the risk of Down's, I wouldn't do the test.  That was the cutoff for me.


    Some people like to know with certainty and of course the amnio is the only way to be certain.  Good luck in making your decision.   :)

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  • I'm curious about your numbers but, whatever they are, if you've been deemed high risk I'd recommend an amnio to ease your fears.
  • I wish there were another way to word the risk categories... ?"High risk" makes it sound so ominous, when really the odds that put you in that category are really not so bad.

    Good luck and lots of relaxing thoughts before your next tests!?

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  • My first trimester screening gave odds of 1:148 for Downs syndrome. We thought about it a lot and decided to have the amnio (4 weeks ago). I am so glad we decided to do it as the results of the amnio confirmed that everything is fine with our baby girl. The amnio itself was a non-event, it took less than a minute and didn't hurt at all. Interestingly, the waiting after the amnio (10 days) was not bad for us either - somehow I knew everything would be good after we had the amnio completed.

    Good luck with making this decision and for your little one!

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  • I am 36, my blood work and nt measurment came back with 1:63 chance for downs syndrome.  I had the amino and it was no big deal.  No real pain, no cramping, no problems.  I did not expect how hard the waiting for results would be.  We had the amnio fri at noon and they called with the rapid FISH results on Monday night at 6:30.  Good luck. 
  • Good Luck. I am having my amnio tomorrow. I tried last week but there was some complications so they had to stop the procedure. My risk from NT scan was 1:5 for DS. I opted to do amnio because I am a "need to know" type of person. It is completely a personal choice. Trust your instincts.

  • My 12 wk. US came back bad.  NT swelling was at 4mm.  Dr. said if he had to guess, our baby had Turner Syndrome and would not go to term.  He really gave us no hope whatsoever.  I went back at 14 wks. for another US and an amnio.  The NT swelling was still at 4mm. - good, because the dr. thought it would get worse.  We got the amnio results the next day.  NO chromosomal abnormalities!!!!  I'm 38.  We were never given a risk ratio.  Now we just need to pray that the swelling disappears, which I think it will.

    I would have another amnio if I was ever in this position again.  Try not to worry.  I know exactly how you are feeling, and it's a bunch of terrible stress.  Prayer works wonders.- I will say a few for you!  Please keep us up to date!

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