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My curious dh was kicked last night....

by the baby on the temple and his forehead.  He was curious to listen to the sounds in my belly so as he was listening I was asking him what he heard and he said "I hear alot of swooshing sounds", I said that's the baby moving around, as he said that the baby gave him a swift kick in the temple and dh's head jerked back, hehe, I thought it was hysterical.  He tried it again, and sure enough baby kicked him in the forehead.  At this point dh had enough and went to bed. 

Re: My curious dh was kicked last night....

  • Aww... so cute! LOL!

    I can't wait until my DH can feel the baby move.  At what point is that common again? I've only been feeling movement for two weeks myself.


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  • I started to feel the kicks more 27th week and they are full force at night.  I feel them constantly now more than ever in my 30th wk, Night time is probably his party time because that's when I feel it the most and wake me up out of my sleep, my daughter was more lazy, but this little guy is really something.
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  • Awww that's so great! I can't wait for LO to kick DH! lol Smile

  • That's funny. My DH can't even feel the kicks on the outside, I only started being sure what I was feeling was baby in the last week or so. I can't wait until he can feel it too.
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  • That's great! DH was complaining that he hadn't felt the baby move, so I put his hand on my belly the other night and told him to wait. He finally felt him move, and it freaked him out! He did the same thing with DD.
  • Hahahahaha what a tender Hallmark moment! ?*snrk*

    ?That's awesome!?

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  • I started feeling the movements a week before the 2nd tri screen w/perinatologist. I really wasn't sure if it was something I ate or the baby, but the dr confrimed it. Now the movements are alot more pronounced. When we were lying on the beach in Aruba & I felt the kicks I would tell my husband & we would both watch the belly & break out in laughter when we saw the movements. It's like a little alien overtaking your belly.
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