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I thought I was 6 weeks pregnant- I took OPK tests, was temping/charting so I know when I ovulated and my last Beta was 1650 on 17DPO.

I went in for my u/s today and all the doc saw was a sac- he said I am earlier than I thought- probably a little shy of 6 weeks so we couldn't see a heartbeat. I am scared- has this happened to anyone- thought you were further along and u/s confirmed otherwise?

Had another blood test today to see where my numbers are and that might be a bit more accurate on how far along I am..


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  • While this hasn't happened to me, I've heard of others having similar experiences. I hope that everything goes well with your blood test results and that you're just not as far along as you thought.

    And even if you are exactly 6 weeks along, that is still pretty early to see a heartbeat. Even a day or two makes a HUGE difference at that point in a pregnancy.


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  • YES this happened to me with this pregnancy.   I went in for an ultrasound, having just seen a sac the last time... sure I was dealing with a blighted ovum and was going in just to decide if i was going to try to miscarry on my own, or we'd do a D&C..  but at that 2nd ultrasound, they found a yolk sac and a fetal pole, and my 2nd daughter is due in about a month and a half.

    Sometimes we just ovulate later than usual!   hang in there until you have all the info. :)


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  • I have been going through the same thing. I went in last Thursday with shoulder pain, wanting to rule out an ectopic and they had me as 6wks 5 days. There was no sac, nothing. The Dr. did another ultrasound yesterday and the gestational sac was there. So, don't give up. You proabably ovulated later than you think!
  • when I went for my 1st u/s I swore I was at least 10-12 wks, ah no I was more like 5 wks, I felt really dumb, but at least I received an accurate date.  The u/s tech looked at us like we were clueless.
  • Totally. ?My first ultrasound was at 6 weeks (but not with my usual doctor), they said they couldn't find anything viable. ?Nice.

    ?My doctor did the Hcg tests and they showed a nice, healthy rise, so he called me in for another ultrasound. ?This time everything was textbook-perfect, and I just got back from today's appointment and I am measuring exactly on time.

    ?Nigh-impossible though it seems, try not to worry, it's hard to see the little booger at first!?

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  • You could just have a late implanter in there, even if you are right about your ovulation date.

    Don't lose hope yet.

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  • I've seen plenty of these stories.....my RE wouldn't even look until I was atleast 6wk4Days along....I knew exactly when I ovulated as I'm always in a bunch of pain when it happens.  Good luck and keep us posted!


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