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U/S tonight

okay ladies, I need to share these feelings I have been having the past week or so.......

I am almost consumed with worry that something is not right with the baby.  I am so nervous for the u/s tonight, I almost cancelled it today while I was at work.  Not sure what is driving this uneasy feeling, but something just does not feel right.  I think my symptoms have lessened to some degree, so that is weighing on my mind.....my boobs are still sore, but not nearly as sore as they were, my m/s has just about subsided, and I seem to have more energy than I have since I found out I was pregnant.

I am like on the verge of tears.  Our appt is 7:15. I told H how I was feeling and he tried to reassure me that there was no reason to worry, but I can't stop thinking about it.

thanks for listening

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Re: U/S tonight

  • Whoa! Hang on sister! You aren't too far off from the honeymoon period aka the Second Trimester Smile. I was just about where you are when the nausea, tiredness, etc went away. I feel so much better now that it hardly feels like I am pregnant. Psst..I think we should enjoy this time because I've heard the Third gts kind of rough again (in a different way!).

    Please try to relax. I am sure everything is okay. Please post and let us know how the appt goes! Sending good thoughts and vibes your way! Smile

  • My next appointment is tomorrow morning, and I'm unreasonably scared, too. ?I woke up feeling pretty good, which naturally sent me into an "OMG something's wrong!" spiral.

    ?All I can offer is good luck with your ultrasound, tell us how it goes, and chances are you are PERFECTLY fine!?

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  • I had similar feelings at my 10 week appointment. I never had morning sickness (and I'm grateful for that) and felt pretty good overall. I was so anxious that my blood pressure was pretty high and then, when my OB couldn't find the heartbeat on the doppler... I got really worried.

    So I went for an ultrasound the next day (which cost me $317, see my insurance woes post) and Baby was fine and I started to feel like the pregnancy was real. But until then, I worried like crazy.

    Hang in there... and let us know how it went.


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  • GL with your U/S. PP is right - you are headed into the 2nd trimester. I felt so good during the second tri. Hang in there!
  • If it is any help, my symptoms completely disappeared at 10 weeks-both times!  It is understandable to have these fears.  I was reading my pregnancy journal from my first pregnancy (all 4 entries) and it was all about my fears that something would happen to the baby.  It wasn't until my second baby that I got to enjoy being pregnant.

    Try to get through the day and keep busy.  You will feel so much better once you see your little baby tonight.

  • Remember, it's not good to worry and be nervous, sooo please try to feel reassured that everything will be ok.  The PP are correct, most women's symptoms subside after the 1st Tri.... please let us know how it went.  Good luck and enjoy!  :o)
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