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Freakin' heartburn

Things that should give me wicked heartburn aren't but things that I'd never think would give me heartburn are.

Yesterday I had chili cheese fries (bad bad) at lunch, and an enchilada for dinner. I had mild heartburn from the fries, but all in all was OK. I had fully expected to wake up with heartburn after dinner, but didn't.

This morning I had a piece of wheat bread and it just about killed me.

It makes no sense!

Re: Freakin' heartburn

  • I carry a huge bottle of Tums in my purse for that same reason.  I can eat 4 hot dogs with everything on them and not get it, but if I eat a slice of pizza look out.  Doesn't make sense!
  • I hear you! I never had heartburn in my life til pregancy. Now it's like a way of life!
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  • I've suffered from GERD (acid reflux disease) for years and the last week I've had the worst heartburn in ages. I almost vomited (bile burp) and I'm taking Rx meds for this. I can take Tums, too, but they constipate me. It's a lovely catch-22.

    And the heartburn will only get worse as the baby gets bigger and your uterus goes higher in your abdomen. Fun.


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  • I'm experiencing the "gets worse" part. While I'm at 31 weeks (almost) my belly is measuring 35 weeks. I have woken up almost being sick because of the heartburn. There just aren't enough Tums!
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