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Seizures in newborns?

Anyone have experince with this.  My nephew will be 2 weeks old tomorrow and was just brought back to the PICU and is being monitored by an EEG.  He was in the NICU when he was born and had 3 seizures.  Since being home he has had 4.  They have no answers, there is no infection and no genetic disorder and they don't think it is epilepsy.  It is possibly benign neonatal seizures but that takes a while to diagnose.  Just wondering if anyone else has experience with this.  I feel so bad for my sister right now.  She has been at the hospital non-stop, is sick with a fever, and is worried sick about her baby.  I can't even begin to understand how she feels but I am sick worrying for them.  Any ideas of how I can comfort her.  I have been making food for the house (she has a 7 year old).  Been at the hospital but I also don't want to smother her.  She had a c-section and needs rest.  Sorry I am bablbing, I just need to vent a bit.  I am just praying the little guy is ok. Thanks
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Re: Seizures in newborns?

  • I am hoping that it turns out to be benign also.  My baby started having seizures at 5 weeks old.  It is terrifying, so I can totally relate.  Unfortunately, my baby did get diagnosed with a genetic condition, instead of a benign condition.  Has your sisters' baby had an MRI yet?  They can often tell a lot more from those why the seizures may be occuring.  Good luck & keep us updated.  I will be thinking of your family and hoping for the best!
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  • They did a cat-scan, blood work, spinal tap, and now a 2nd EEG.  No MRI.  Should they request one?  Is it possible they don't know if it could be something genetic yet. Thanks for thinking of us.  Your LO is so cute!
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  • DS had seizures because of a stroke in utero. 

    While we were in the NICU it was great to have people bring us food(well, I wasn't eating but DH loved it!).  Also frozen meals for when they are home would be helpful too.


  • My 16.5 month old THRIVING son was born with no apparent issues however about 4hrs later he started having apnea spells. He was taken to the NICU and had a CT scan done which showed severe brain swelling. An EEG later that night showed 2 incidents of seizure activity. Noah was in the NICU for 5 days and sent how as a medical mystery. We had genetic testing to rule out a metabolic disorder, best guess is that he had some sort of hypoxic event while I was in labor/delivery. He never had another apnea episode or abnormal EEG after that first day.?

    Noah is doing so well, no issues to date from his brain swelling. He was on phenobarb for one month. I am so sorry your family has to go through this, it's truly a nightmare!! Best wishes?

  • Poor baby!  I hope they figure things out soon.


    I would say food for her in the hosp, and offer to take clothes home and do laundry and clean up her house.  Maybe offer to bring the 7yo to the hosp if that is allowed?  What about taking the 7yo to do something special like go bowling as a treat since she is probably pretty left out.

  • My son was born early and about 24 hours after his birth, he had two seizures. A cat scan revealed an IVH -- a brain bleed. Early tests indicated a level 2, perhaps a level 3. Later we were told level 3. At a follow up visit to the pediatric neurosurgeon, it was downgraded back to a 2. (It's somewhere between a 2 and a 3; 4 is the worst).

    Anyway, my son was in the NICU for 12 days. The best thing we received, IMO, was gift cards to the grocery store and to gas stations. People did bring over dinner, but I am a picky eater and some things just weren't good for me. Something else that was great is that my mom vacuumed and cleaned up around the house -- that was awesome.

    It was incredibly scary and stressful and it still is. There are a lot of unknowns. My DS is on an antiseizure medication (phenobarb) and hasn't had another seizure ... but I'm always waiting for one to come.

    I'm so sorry she's going through this! My heart goes out to her and to your family.

  • My son's brain did not develop properly while in utero.  When he was 7 months he had a seizure and we took him to the ER.  After a bunch of tests (MRI, CT and EEG) they came to the conclusion that his seizures are coming from his part of the brain that didn't properly develop.  My son is a thriving 22 month old and doing great!  He is on medication to control his seizures.  His last seizure was on Christmas. 

    I am sure your sister is very stressed out right now.  Anything you can do like watching her other child for the day or making dinner is a big help.  What ever you can do to take any stress off her plate I am sure is appreciated. 

    Good luck to your family.  I hope you get some answers.

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