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I need help analyzing my cycle... please!

Here's my disclaimer (so you're not too annoyed!):

  • it's our first cycle TTC
  • I did not chart or temp... I know, I'm just asking for it!
  • I did not use an OPK
  • I have not read TCOYF u
  • Used Pre-Seed


Go ahead and yell at me now, but I had to get that off of my chest.  I tend to get overly worked up about things, over-analyze, and obsess.  That being said, I decided to stay as laid back as possible during this first month of trying.  Now I'm going to list my tentative dates of things, and I just wanted opinions as to when the earliest I could "safely" take a pregnancy test.  I know the obvious answer would be 5 days before my missed period or wait until I miss my period, but I'm getting antsy, of course.  So here's my scoop:

 There are two things to clear up first, when was my first cycle day??  I started lightly spotting on March 8th-9th.  I officially started with full on business on March10th.  So, which one is cycle day 1, I know there are different theories about this?? 

 According to this, I am either on cycle day 22 (assuming March 8th was CD1), or I am on cycle day 20 (assuming March 10th was CD1). 

 Since I didn't know exactly which day I would be ovulating, we started doing the deed on March 16th- 27th, every other day.  Definitely need a break!!  I "should" be starting my period on or around April 6th or 7th.  Of course I am having ALL of the phantom symptoms and reading into them every second of everyday.  I hope this is fairly normal, considering it's our first cycle TTC???  Can anyone else remember doing this to themselves?  I think my husband thinks he's in for looooong haul :) 

Alright, after all of that info, what day do you think is a good time to test??  Of course I'd love to do it tomorrow morning, but I don't want to be disappointed if is too soon and it is automatically negative for that reason alone.  I know the odds of conception this first month is not very good and I'm prepared for that.  If it didn't work this time, I'm going to make a gradual (not so anal) move forward and use OPK for this next cycle.  Hopefully less questions for you girls!  I know this predicament may have you looking at your caledars or doing some math, but your help is greatly appreciated!!  Thanks for any help you can give me!!

 Have a good Monday!

Re: I need help analyzing my cycle... please!

  • I think it's too early, but that may be because I didn't get a BFP until something like 16 or 17 DPO after getting a negative as late as 14 DPO (and that was with twins).


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  • Which day do you think I should consider CD1 according to my info above?
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  • I would say March 8th is your cycle day 1.
  • Buttin in, and also TTC.....actually your CD 1 is when you have the full on bleeding.  The other light spotting doesn't count.  I also get light spotting for several days before my period, but my doc stated that actual DAY 1 is when you get an actual flow.  The spotting could be from "old blood" either cysts or other things that may need to be addressed by your MD.   We have been TTC for over a year and a half and I HIGHLY encourage you to read TCOYF, and CHART.  It has opened my eyes up to so many different things.  Also, if you have every had trouble with ovulating in the past (ie-cysts on your ovaries, abnormal cycles) the OPK may not be a true read.  The OPK only reads your hormone surge.  Your body will have that, but, for example, someone who has ovarian cysts or PCOS will not actually ovulate, but will get a (+) test because of the hormone surge.  The egg had trouble releasing and ovulation never really occurred.  Charting is the only way to really see if you have ovulated.  It can get very overwhleming and can really takes its toll on you emotionally and mentally!  Hang in there.  Try to stay positive!  Keep communicating with your husband, too!  With the charting, you will have a better idea of your fertile days and that way, you won't feel so stressed to BD for days on end!!  Hope all goes well.  Good Luck!
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